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Jun 30, 2012 05:08 AM

Help! Need a restaurant recommendation for Monday

I know this is very short notice, but can folks recommend some places for a dinner on Monday? Things I'm looking for or that I'd like:

- must be open on Monday (duh). I noticed that a number of places are closed
- must be someplace that isn't likely to already be booked on this short notice (for a dinner for 2)
- looking for upscale/contemporary American, i.e., New American. French also OK.
- nice table bread service (or good bread in general) would be fantastic
- tasting menus are great
- proximity to the Gold Coast/Magnificent Mile is great, though not necessary. I would like to stay in "central" Chicago however (i.e., not the suburbs)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I went to, asked for availabilities for a table for two at an American or California-style restaurant on Monday in the Gold Coast, downtown, River North, South Loop, West Loop, Old Town and Goose Island and came up 117 options, including Atwood Cafe, NoMi, Blackbird, Henri, the Publican, RL and lots more. Give it a shot.

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    1. re: chicgail

      Thank you, I am aware of, but was hoping to narrow it down and get some personal recommendations from people here. 117 options is a lot to sift through.

      1. re: leegf

        Perhaps Sable? We enjoyed the food there:

        Sable's menu:

        They also have a cool cocktail menu.

        1. re: leegf

          Sorry, I didn't mean to steer you wrong. I like some of these:
          GT Fish and Oyster
          The Publican

          I haven't been to the new NoMI or Farmhouse Tavern, but I've heard good things.

          Sable is a great place for drinks and a snack, but probably not your best option for dinner.

        1. re: jbw

          Great suggestion! Every meal there has been so very good.

          Also love Sable for a more casual but extra delicious option.

          1. re: jbw

            I also second Naha. I thought it was closed on Mondays.

          2. My top three choices would be MK, Bin 36, or Sepia. MK might be the best in terms of what you are looking for; good bread service, New American, has a tasting menu, fairly close to you and upscale. Unfortunately they are not showing availability (but are open Mondays); you may want to call them to see if they have anything despite Open Table not showing availability.

            Sepia is a Michelin starred New American venue in the downtown area. Great food, drinks, service and ambiance (and they have availability) but I do not recall them having bread service and did not remember a tasting menu option.

            Bin 36 is an upscale wine bar with New American food. Again no tasting menu (and I do not think they have bread service), but outstanding cheese and crackers you could instead (my wife and I always do a cheese flight to start our meal there). Good service, ambiance and wines there as well. They too have availability.

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              The biscuits at Table 52 sure are good! I am not aware of a tasting menu there. Sixteen is getting raves after changes in both back and front of house. They have a tasting menu, and great views, although I am unaware of their bread options.