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Jun 30, 2012 04:15 AM

Fine Dining for a Vegetarian?

I would like to buy a gift certificate for a couple who live in Boston. One of them is a fairly strict vegetarain. Any suggestions? I would like for them to enjoy at least three courses with some drinks for $200.

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  1. My GFs favorite in all of Boston is the Oleana vegetable prix-fixe tasting menu in Cambridge.

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    1. My wife is not a vegetarian, but will often order the vegetarian tasting menu at Craigie on Main.

      1. T.W. Food always offers two tasting menus; one for vegetarians and one for omnivores. It's a fine choice, as are the other restaurants already mentioned.

        1. Hamersley's Bistro always has a tempting list of vegetarian dishes & tasting menu. I like that I can order something from that collection because it often give the perfect counterpoint to the rest of my meal.

          Right now the choices make me want to pay them a visit.


          1. Journeyman has great vegetarian tasting menus with variable numbers of courses so you can roll your own adventure.