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Sodastream? To buy or not to buy, hmmmm?

I'm having a debate with myself over whether to buy one of these contraptions. I'm primarily interested in being able to generate club soda. Where I live, it's a hassle tracking it down. My preference would be an old fashioned glass syphon bottle, but the last one I mail ordered didn't work and had to go back. What a hassle. But I do like being able to "pour" a glassful with the syphon bottle as opposed to having to make soda one liter at a time with the Sodastream, but ideals sometimes have to be compromised. Do you find it an economical choice, or is it strictly a matter of convenience? I figure some of you out there are likely to have first hand experience with Sodastream. I'd love to know what you think about yours. Do you love it, hate it, and would you buy another? Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. I adore mine. I bought it because I got sick of the bottles piling up. To address the quantity issue, I bought a set of two half-liter bottles to go with it, so if I only want to make a little bit I use one of those instead. Although I can easily go through a liter/day.

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      That's why I bought one for my husband - he loves sparkling water but the bottles were driving me crazy. The Soda Stream solved that problem and I highly recommend it.

    2. We use ours daily and are very happy with it. I think it might have been nice to get away with just a siphon, but it really only takes a minute to make a bottle.

      We bought one that uses glass bottles, and we bought an extra bottle. I wish they were a bit larger, but they are fine for a few glasses per day for my husband and me.

      I've never tried any of the add ons (syrups) but we enjoy the sparkling water with meals. I love not having to purchase/transport plastic bottles, and I like that these can go in the dishwasher.

      1. My son/DIL have one with a zillion extra bottles, syrups, and god knows what else. Product tastes good whenever l use theirs. Have not sprung for one myself yet.

        1. It's a lot cheaper than buying the Italian Soda water I used to get at WF and the best part is that I don't have to worry about it going flat because I didn't use it up fast enough. I can make one bottle at a time or as many as I need, I don't like SS's brand of syrups except their Naturals line. The others use artificial sweeteners.

          1. Thanks for the replies! It should be here by 4th of July! I'm looking forward to a Fizzy Fourth! '-)

            1. Unless I am mistaken, "sparkling water" is not the same as "club soda." I believe most club soda has some salt in it, where sparkling water (or "seltzer") is simply carbonated water.


              1. We decided against it for convenience and cost reasons. We drink a LOT of seltzer and we don't want to drink out of plastic any more. The non plastic containers are nice, but so small we'd be making stuff all day and needing to buy cartridges constantly and replace. We get cases of our favorite seltzer at a beverage center now, a few at a time, in cans instead.

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                  But cans today are usually lined with plastic.

                2. We have had ours for about four years and we love it. I drink a lot of it and it is very convenient. I don't like the syrups that they sell so I add my own if I want some, but ususally not. I like it sometimes with a little cranberry juice and lemonade, mostly water, it gives it a great flavor.
                  Now I don't have to buy cases of water and recycle them and lug them. I bought extra bottles and I just keep some in the fridge. It is so easy, cheap and environmentally good. I get about 80 bottles out of a cartridge. If you buy them at Bed Bath and Beyond, just bring in your old cartridges, use a coupon and you get it for 12 dollars. Williams Sonoma also carries it, but you don't get the discount. Probably when mine goes, I might go for the glass canister one.

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                    WOW! Thanks for that information! I was a little hesitant because the cartridge refills run about 60 bucks on amazon.com. $12 with a coupon at Bed, Bath, & Beyond is amazing...! Great news.

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                      Why would you buy from somewhere other than SodaStream.com or approved retailers? Exchanges for the 60L bottles run no more than $15-$16. BB&B's coupons drop it by 20%.

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                        I called my nearest BB&B, and the replacement cartridges are $15.00 each with an empty, or $30.00 without. No coupons involved. *IF* I could get them for that on the web with free shipping, there would be no sales tax and it would come to my door. Oh, well.

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                          Some Targets, Sears and hardware stores seem to carry them, too, so it might be worth figuring out who your local suppliers are. I've had mine for 4 years or so and am happy with it, mostly because I hated all of the cans and bottles, but I find sodastream to be an exceedingly frustrating organization to deal with. Half the time their website doesn't work, they keep changing their canister return policies, etc. But, it's still worth it to me.


                  2. We've had our Sodastream for about 3 years, and are very pleased with it. We don't use their flavorings, but sometimes I mix the fizzy water with juices for a healthy "mocktail". Usually we just have it straight up or with a wedge of lemon or lime.
                    Staples just started carrying the cartridges, so we go there now instead of the BBB in the next town for exchanges.