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Jun 29, 2012 11:34 PM

Cake near PGA-West in Palm Springs

I'd like to pick up a small, 4th of July-themed cake or beautiful cupcakes on the Saturday after the holiday near where we're staying at PGA West in La Quinta. For foodie adults so it needs to be Victor Benes (Gelson's) quality at least please. Thanks!

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  1. Contact the La Quinta Baking Company. Corner of Hwy. 111 and Washington. It is the place that all the locals are using now. If you want an up-scale grocery store cake, seek out Bristol Farms in Rancho Mirage at the corner of Monterey and Country Club, but I would definitely vote for trying the La Quinta Baking Co. first. Have fun. We will be there on the 4th, too. Hot, hot, hot in july! Are we all crazy?

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      Thanks for this suggestion. La Quinta Baking Company is very convenient to where we'll be and I think I want a simple red velvet cake as that'll be great for a July 4th look. We love to visit the desert in the summer. It gives us license to lounge in the pool, go to movies and nap during the day!