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Jun 29, 2012 08:36 PM

4th of July - looking for good pub food

I have 8 days in New Orleans planned with my family. Every night is planned with all sorts of great places to dine (Elizabeths, Jaque Imos, Salu, La Boca, Commander's Palace, Irenes) but our 4th of July this Wednesday is an open night. Many of the great places in town aren't open so I think it's a great time to find a place that just has some great pub food and low key atmosphere. I can only get my young ones dressed up some many times in a week. I'm staying in the CBD so FQ and Magazine street area are all easy to get to. Much obliged.

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  1. How young are your young ones? A lot of pubs/bars don't let in minors.

    1. There's a new place called St. Lawrence at 219 N. Peters (in the block behind the Custom House) that has good pub food and lets in kids.

      1. Get a reservation (if you can) at Galvez . It overlooks the river and you should be able to watch the fireworks display and dine.