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Jun 29, 2012 07:41 PM

Australia's (and maybe the world's) Most Expensive New Release Wine - US$170,000

Penfolds has just released a $168,000 wine, limited release of only 12 bottles / ampoules. The wine is made from the oldest continuously producing cabernet sauvignon vines in the world (planted in the 1880s):

For one, I'm glad that the incessant battle to own the title of "Australia's Most Expensive New Release Wine" has come to an end. Penfolds held the title for decades with its Grange, before Torbreck released its Laird in September 2010 at A$700 a bottle. Penfolds retaliated with its Bin 620 Cabernet Shiraz at A$1,000, launched in Shanghai in November 2011. Peter Simic, a wine magazine publisher, then made a dramatic grab at the title earlier this year with the debut vintage of the Parawa Ingalalla Grand Reserve (2007), not coincidentally priced at A$1,100, an exact 10% over the Bin 620. Again, this wine was tailored predominantly for the Asian market and is not available for sale in Australia.

I'm not sure anyone's going to have the firepower to trump Penfolds' latest entrant. But now that various egos have been bruised / satisfied and the players have shown each other the size of their <insert your synonym for the male reproductive organs>, can we maybe go back to trying to produce Australia's best wine, or at least a wine that a decent number of people can actually afford and enjoy? Just a thought.

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  1. Thank god Aussie wines aren't my favorite . . .

    1. Only 12 made? Does that mean I won't have a chance at a case discount?

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        1. No real wine drinker will purchase this silly wine. It is amazing what fools will pay for luxury items. I still think the Lexus Sedan looks like a Camry.

          1. Julian,

            Thanks for posting. I bought the case, and it made a wonderful batch of Sangria, for my guests. They loved it!!!!! Donald Trump pronounced it the best Sangria, that he'd ever tasted...


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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Thanks Hunt.

              Can I also interest you in a case of the Bin 620 for your mulled wine needs this coming winter? A bargain at only 1/168th of the price of your Sangria...

            2. I'm waiting for some Chinese guys to buy this, and consume it with a few bottles of Coca Cola........

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                1. re: Eugene Park

                  Ah! You got it wrong my friend! Its 'RED' so it should be mixed with ' 7-Up'!!! Ha!! They mix DRC's Montrachet with Coke!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    I have a friend who runs a wine import business based in mainland China. He's sent me pictures he's taken in supermarkets of displays offering bottles of red wine with a can of Coca Cola shrinkwrapped to the wine bottle. Hilarious, to say the least....... =-D

                      1. re: Maximilien

                        thank you very much for the link. It was nice to read the history and it lead to more readings.

                    1. re: Charles Yu


                      You obviously grew up at the knee of my Aunt Louise! Did she call you "grasshopper" too?

                      Thank you for the laugh, as I needed it tonight.