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Jun 29, 2012 07:09 PM

Instead of a restaurant....

Has anyone had experience with a supper club/small home based dining experience and what are the pros to doing this instead of a restaurant?
I would appreciate the clarity.

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  1. The pros (and there are no cons, IMO) are that it was a "dinner party experience" . Like minded foodies enjoying the cooking of the hosts. It was also an opportunity to eat homestyle "ethnic" food - inherently something you're not going to get in a restaurant. Here's my review of the evening:

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      Such an interesting enjoyable review of what sounded like a great experience!

      I realize I wasn't explicit at all in my seeking the information --- I have had a passion, a yearning, a calling - to open a restaurant. I am put off by the hours, my age, and ........ I have recently been contemplating opening some form of a dinner club - and wondering about that feasibility - perhaps only open for dinners on Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. I would appreciate any guidance, suggestions, advice, words of wisdom or otherwise!

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        I think you'll find quite a number of supper clubs will have blogs which possibly chart their experiences in running them. There also good information , and quitte a few recipes, in this book:

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          thanks for the suggestion - I am disappointed that our library system does not have that book - i will have to look into it in a bookstore.

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            Your library system almost definitely will do Inter Library Loan from ANY US Public library, almost all univesity libraries, and a large # of Canadian libs, too. Might take 2-3 weeks to get your book, but Oh So Very worth it.