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Jun 29, 2012 06:58 PM

Element Pizza on Broadway Northeast

Nordeast aquaintances rave about it. Are you a fan??

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    1. re: kuan

      can you get into the reasons why. some detailed response to their product. any shortcomings?

      1. re: MarkG

        I may have this wrong, but owners ran a very nice Turkish place in Wayzata. They always had pizza on the lunch buffet, w/ gyro meat. Was excellent, will have to try NE.

        1. re: stymie

          Yes, it used to be where Bukhara is now.

        2. re: MarkG

          Compared to Punch, It's fired in a slightly cooler oven. Basil is chiffonade. Pizza is larger. A bit heavier on the ingredients.

          1. re: kuan

            just what are the best items on the menu. be specific

            1. re: MarkG

              That's just a matter of preference. It's pizza. I normally get a pizza with one topping.