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Jun 29, 2012 06:47 PM

Chart House - Weehawken Suggestions

So, we're going for dinner at the Chart House to see the July 4th Fireworks. Any suggestions on what to eat? I'd rather have a burger than to be disappointed with an overpriced, subpar meal..

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  1. I've eaten in Chart House Restaurants all over the country while traveling.....never had a sub par meal in any one of them, so it's my opinion your thoughts are unfounded. You may be able to order a burger, but it's not on the dinner menu. I suggest you call first to see if it's available for dinner if price is your concern.

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      Your definitely are an expert at The Chart House. What are your suggestions off the menu in Weehawken?

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        Admittedly, I have not had dinner at the Weehawken location in quite some time....but in the past, it's usually the Grilled Fish or other seafood items without any sweet sauces(by request). My visits there are usually for afternoon cocktails. appetizers and happy hour specials in the summertime. Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Shrimp Cocktails, Crabcakes and Lobster Cocktails come to mind.

        At the other locations.....similar Seafood was usually ordered...although once I had a very good slow roasted Prime Rib in Dana Point....and a nice steak in Palm Springs....though the latter location is now closed

        Looking at the Weehawken menu specific.....I could easily get the:

        Ahi Tuna
        Atlantic Grouper
        Pacific Halibut
        Costa Rican Mahi-Mahi
        Seared Mahi topped with Lobster and Crab
        New Wave Surf and Turf
        A Double Order of East Meets West Tuna

        I would tell you to avoid the Lobster and Shrimp Spring Rolls.......only because Non-Asian restaurants, especially American Chains, prepare them in advance and keep them chilled. That's not how they are supposed to be served, i.e., chilled.

        You cannot go wrong with the appetizers or salads....usually they are safe bets.