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Rusty's Ribs n BBQ in Anne Arundel County

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It’s on Rt 3 in Gambrills/Crofton. Right past Honda Powersport in the DMV Express parking lot in the median. It’s just a guy with a pull behind trailer. My wife stopped by and said Rusty was really friendly and excited to have new customers. She picked up the sampler, ¼ rack of ribs, smoked brisket & pulled pork with two sides of baked beans and pasta salad and she got a ½ chicken. Came to about 30 bucks. The ribs or should I say rib because the was all I got, was pretty damn good. The pulled pork was really good but the surprising thing was the brisket. It looked dry to me, but was actually pretty awesome. So good that I ate what was supposed to be saved for my daughters boyfriend. She wasn’t happy with me, but I couldn’t stop. The chicken was great as well. Funny thing is, I asked them all what was their favorite and they all said the baked beans. Go figure. Mine was definitely the brisket, although I think the ribs were a close second, just need to try more of them this weekend. I’m not sure of his hours, but I do know that when he sells out he’s done for the day. This is the best BBQ I have had in a long time. Sure beats KBQ, Adams, Red Hot n Blue and the others in the area. Although I haven’t tried Mission in Glen Burnie yet.

Disclaimer….If you are one of those who says this area doesn’t know…..BBQ, Pizza, Wings, etc…I would just pass this place up…you won’t be happy, you never are. The DC/Balt area food in those areas will never meet your expectations. Rather than enjoy it for what it is, pretty damn good BBQ you will pine on about how it’s not like KC, the Carolinas, TX or wherever. I almost wasn’t going to mention this place because I didn’t want to hear that it’s not this or that, but I do know a few of you on here will appreciate it. Rant over…….Everyone have a great weekend, and a safe 4th. Stay cool if possible.

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  1. When we stopped by a couple of weeks ago, Rusty was very friendly and welcoming. BBQ was decent-nothing spectacular or worth driving for, but if you are in the area it is a great place to stop by. Way better than Dickey's down the street, better than KBQ since it has gone downhill. Was a little disappointed in the portion sizes, but to be fair.I am spoiled by the portion sizes of the route 1 trucks.

    1. Love the disclaimer. I feel the same way when I make posts about sushi or dim sum or chili or mexican food or... well pretty much anything thats a regional specialty elsewhere and/or the subject of religious devotion by its most ardent fans. Ive been to Lockhart (Luling, Taylor, etc.) I KNOW that the best brisket in the world is in Central Texas. But I cant fly there every time I have a craving. And Im not a pit master myself. So what are my options? Thats all I want to know...

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