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Jun 29, 2012 05:46 PM

Montreal unique food/restaurant?

I am going to Montreal for 2 days next week. Wondering if there are any must have foods that are unique to that region? Gonna try some Poutine of course, anything else?
If there are any must try places to eat at, please feel free to mention also. I have a car, and don't have any plans, so location is not important, but I have preference for outdoor cafe type places or live music or unique history etc.
I'll probably skip regular food that I can get here in Nortern california (burgers/Italian/asian/mediterrenean/BBQ etc). But don't get french/food from other exotic eurpoean coutries too much.
I know its very broad, so tried to narrow it down. "Unique" is the keyword here.

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  1. "5ème péché" if they still have "Seal" (i think they do)

    Au Pied de Cochon for all thing foie gras, pork and Québécois cuisine extravaganza.

    1. Since you have a car, check out Abu Elias
      You can see Bourdain's visit on the Layover
      It is very off the beaten path and good (lebanese)

      another stop that is very montreal and closeish to abu elias is Decarie hot dog. It is a hole in the wall hot dog shop but it is entertaining and very typical of a quebec casse croute.

      Of course don't forget Schwartz's for smoked meat

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        "You can see Bourdain's visit on the Layover"

        I don't think it was on The Layover, but rather in the Montreal episode of Bizarre Foods.

      2. If you want unique, I'd suggest looking into Wilensky's or the Binerie, If you want more upscale, Kitchen Galerie, APDC or La Porte.

        1. TY everyone. What are some good examples of Montreal cuisine? I am about a km from the mile end neigboorhood. Also some bakery recs will be great!

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            A quick search will help you a great deal! These threads are very recent:
            Traditional Foods -
            Bakery -
            Bakery -

          2. You might want to try the Spanish/Basque small plate place: Pintxo (avenue des Pins)
            Also the eclectic, adventurous Salle a Manger (av Mont-Royal)