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Jun 29, 2012 05:37 PM

Sail Loft - Great Lunch!

Quick day trip into town to walk around and nosh. It was hotter than the hinges on the doors of hell by the way... with most of the joints in the North End packed, we went the tourist route and headed for Atlantic Ave. Went into Joe's American. However, with the outside dining/windows open it was roasting inside. Answer - the Sail Loft a few doors down, with a/c. Yeah it is an old place, but the lunch there is pretty good. Wifey got a buffalo chicken sandwich, and I got to say after having a bite - so moist and spicy, stand-out good, wow. I got fish and chips, fresh and simple with a nice thin batter & good tartar. Now, we are french fry snobs, and the ones we got with lunch are standard fare - no rosemary-sea salt-parmesan-truffle oil "frites" at this old watering hole.

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  1. I haven't been there for such a long time. Was a favorite haunt in my youth. I'll keep it in mind.

      1. My DC and I went on a harbor cruise last week to see the Tall Ships (which was beyond awesome), and wanted to get something to eat afterwards. American Joe's was packed with tourists and it was too hot to walk to the north end (I know I am a sissy). So we wound up at the Sail Loft. It was shockingly great. We split the steamed mussels for an appitizer and they were perfect. The broth was to die for. There was no sand or grit, lots of bread to sop up the broth and the mussels were amazing. I had a Ruben sandwich (my achilles heel), and my DC had the fishermans platter (a little bit of fried everything). Both were great! Portions were pretty generous and food was wonderful. Agree with the generic fries - nothing to get excited about. Suprisingly based on the waterfront location and the fantastic views alone, it was not crazy expensive. Only diss was the service. The wait staff was pretty slow and seemed really young and very inexperienced (maybe college student summer staff?). Anyway - I would recommend it for a great lunch spot if you are in the area. It is not perfect, but has a lot of character, good food at a reasonable price and waterfront dining.