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Jun 29, 2012 03:07 PM

Fort Point Channel

Any suggestions other than Morton's for dinner before a concert at Bank of America Pavilion? Any cuisine/price will be considered. Thanks.

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    1. Del Frisco's is a great steakhouse, Legal's Harborside 1st floor does solid simple shellfish and apps.

      1. Rosa Mexicano, Temazcal, Barlowe's, Lucky's, Sportello, Menton, Papagayo

        1. My top 4 choices in that area:

          Empire recently opened here and is awesome if you like asian fusion/ sushi. Great cocktails as well. Prices are very reasonable and food is all designed to be shared.

          Legal Harborside is right next to the pavillion. First floor is my favorite menu--basic, simple seafood, moderate prices. 2nd floor is much more upscale/ limited menu and $$$, 3rd floor is just apps and sushi.

          Del Friscos is better than Mortons in my opinion and has a back deck you can sit on but definitely be prepared to spend $$$$.

          Barking Crab--this is more picnic table/ paper plate--but if you are in the mood for crab legs and lobster, i love this place! Don't get crazy with the ordering. stick to the basics--lobster and crab.

          I would make a reservation at any of those places as it is always a zoo down there in the summer. Crab might not take reservations, so be prepared to show up early and have some cocktails in the bar.

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          1. re: BellaBoston

            The general sway of opinions on this board regarding the Barking Crab is mixed at best.

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              boy, i'll say! some really scathing reviews. bella was getting me all excited about empire but now i'm not so sure. bella, since no one else has posted anything about empire, wouldn't you give us a review of your specific experiences w/ the food there?thx.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                Sure!! I know giving the barking crab can throw off my credibility....but i did say to only stick with lobster/ crab/ corn easy things like that. I just really enjoy going there. live music, barking crab white ale, crab and lobster....sign me up!

                I've been to Empire twice and it has been phenomenal both times. My only complaint...I HATE jiggers/ measured pours for cocktails. I know all the better restaurants are moving towards, or have moved to the whole "craft cocktail" theme but I hate it. We had to keep ordering extra shots of liquor on the sides to make the drinks taste as I thought they should have and their cocktails are already pretty expensive. Aside from that, I found the wine/ champagne menu to be very reasonable as are the food prices.

                For food--everything was prepared, in my opinion, perfectly. Balanced flavors, proper temperatures, inventive. Red chili shrmp were very good as are the lobster and crab rangoons--try both, they are excellent. The Asian caesar was a wonderful twist on the classic, adding Bonito flakes, and white miso. The hamachi tartare roll should not be missed! I often stay away from tartars b/c outside of Mistral I find restaurants often use the less desireable cuts of tuna for it. This was not the case here. The blackened snapper roll and the red dragon roll were both great as well. Fresh fresh fish. I very rarely like sauces/ aiolis etc on my sushi and usually have it held. None here were overpowering. They complimented the fish and other ingredients and nothing more.

                I found the service to be fantastic. There is always an army of staff working and managers around every corner to act as support. The room is very large so no one is trying to rush you/ turn the table--they just pop by to make sure you are enjoying yourself.

                I recommend sitting at the sushi bar. The kitchen runs like a well oiled machine and is fun to watch...also the chefs send you out bites to try every so often!

                Don't write this place off as a pre-nightclub/ trendy place to be seen--the food really is excellent.

                1. re: BellaBoston

                  "I HATE jiggers/ measured pours for cocktails"

                  You hate properly made cocktails that taste the same each time they're made?

                  1. re: mkfisher

                    I agree that consistency is a must but I think that can be achieved with proper training/ the proper, capable staff. Also, to what many mixologists consider "well balanced" I personally usually dislike. There is normally too much cordial etc in it for my personal taste. I like a mixed cocktail to be predominantly the base liquor with very little of everything else--it's a personal preference.

                    In the case at Empire, we were just drinking Dark and Stormys--I found them to taste like a big glass of ginger beer with a jigger of rum on top. I would have preferred a heavier pour (which is why we ordered the rum shots on the side) or a smaller glass to balance it out.

          2. Salvatore's is decent, and it's right there. A bit further out is Lucky's Lounge, which is good for upscale comfort food, and the Channel Cafe, which is a combination restaurant/art gallery with American/New American food.