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Jun 29, 2012 02:03 PM

Montreal recommendations

Will be spending a few days there. Any recommendations for all meals and from fast food to fancy?

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  1. We were there last year July. We enjoyed the sushi at Yakimona and the sandwiches and pastries at Exception II. Food at Morty's was solid if not super gourmet (I'd recommend it).

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      would highly NOT recommend exception II, we got there-waited a bit for a table-to be expected since it was the 9 days. got a table. waiter took 10 minutes cleaning it up. Ordered our food immediately including a request for chairs. No chairs were brought. Staff walked by our table with chairs but did not stop to give us two even though my older son and husband were standing at the table and waiting. Finally, my husband claimed one chair. We had our baby with us so finally after a wait I went to find a high chair. Still no chair brought for my husband. He sat in the booth. They gave us 3 glasses of water instead of 4. When asked for another glass they had none. I had to go and get my own water. Got some food. Waiter came by and asked what did you not get yet? we told him-salad, ravioli, pasta. . Meanwhile the table next to us got their entire order including the same ravioli we ordered even they ordered 20 mins after us. Finally got fed up, why does it take 1 hour to get a salad? They got angry with us and ordered us to leave. The wife of the owner said oh well get your food to go. They gave us free danish as a consolation but mucked up our order to go. NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL!

    2. Past threads that yo may find useful: (dates to 2009-2010, but some of the information may still be helpful)

      1. Questions

        1.) Is there anything - anything at all - downtown?

        2.) How long/far is the cab ride to Chops and is it easy to get a cab back to downtown?

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              It went treif about a year ago, more or less.

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              I think there's a cafe at the Chabad House near McGill.

            3. Chabad does have a downtown milchig cafe.

              Do any of the kosher places in the neighborhood deliver to downtown hotels?

              1. Went to Chops but it is temporarily closed for repairs (three prosperous businesses, 2 not-Jewish, were firebombed in what appears to be police failure to control some sort of organized crime demand for protection money)

                Across the street was a place with an MK. We were hungry, it looked like a falafel joint, but it was clean and we were hungry, so we sat down.

                Cafe Mozart

                If Chops has better food, then Montreal is a very, very lucky city.

                Started with harira. This is a milchigs, middle eastern place, so it was vegan. Every harira is different and classic harira is fleisig, but I have never had better harira.

                We then shared a freshly made, individual lasagna. Delicious. Fresh tomato sauce. A tad salty and a standard mozarella, but really very good. (Did I mention that we were ravenous?


                Then we shared an order of a beautifully presented salmon in panko. The salmon was wrapped in seaweed, then breaded and deep fried, the panko was perfect, crisp, and the salmon was perfectly cooked and moist. Drizzled around it on the beautifully arrayed plate were intertwined trails of duck-sauce and a dark, hotly spicy teriyaki that were wonderful.

                Given a choice of rice or cous-sous on the side, we ordered cous-cous. Again, wonderful, light, lightly flavored, studded with fresh vegetables.

                The only disappointment was a pedestrian chopped salad that had sat too long in its dressing.