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Jun 29, 2012 02:02 PM

Waterfront North Shore Nassau County (Long Island)

I will be staying in Woodbury on Tuesday (July 3rd) and am looking for a restaurant for lunch on Wednesday afternoon. I habe a vision (do not know if reality conforms to it) of a seafood spot with great lobster dishes in one of the North Shore waterfront communities - Oyster Bay, Huntington, Cold Spring Harbor (or anywhere nearby) which is surrounded by a nice town for some leisurely strolling. And a place that is of course open for lunch.

Does anyone know of such a place exists?

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  1. On June 21st Newsday published a list of a number of restaurants on the water. I can't recommend any of them beause I haven't eaten in them. Here are a few;
    Butler's Flat
    86 Orchard Beach Blvd
    Port Washington

    Marinos on the Bay
    45 Oechard beach Blvd
    POrt Washington

    Shipwreck Tavern
    10 Bayville Ave

    There are more

    1. Prime in Huntington is lovely, though pricey.

      Prime Restaurant
      117 New York Ave., Huntington

      Harbor Mist in Cold Spring Harbor is very nice, too

      Harbor Mist Restaurant
      105 Harbor Rd
      Cold Spring Harbor
      (631) 659-3888