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Jun 29, 2012 01:55 PM

All this talk of the HoJo clam roll got me thinking....

That I wanted a nice clam roll for lunch today. I work in the North Station/West End area, and thought surely I could find a clam roll (for the record, I actually prefer to have belly clams in my roll, it's just the HoJo thing reminded me) in downtown Boston for lunch. Sadly I came up empty (which kind of surprised me).

Which begs the question, where can I get a clam roll in downtown Boston? Anyone know of a place??

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  1. Summer Shack in Back Bay.
    But, if that's too far, the Salty Dog at Fanueil Hall can be OK and is near you.

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    1. re: mmocpi

      drat, ran through there and walked right past it......good to know mmocpi, thanks!

      1. re: devilham

        I heard that in the back of the Boston Harbor Hotel, there's a takeout window where you can get sandwiches, fish & chips, & fried clams (not sure about the clam roll). It's part of the outside restaurant. I'll have to check that out soon.

        1. re: southie_chick

          Lol, I used to work there about 9 years ago (actually in that tent)! The menu has changed since then, so you might be right, but If it's true to the past, the price will be exorbotant

          1. re: devilham

            The clam roll is $13 (fries $3) now devilham - don't know how much it was 9 years ago. It smelled really yummy, but I only like the strips so I did't get one. You probably have seen me if you ever came out front - I used to hang out front quite a bit with the doorman (he's from Southie too). : )

            1. re: southie_chick

              Jimmy? He was the man, still stop by to chat him up every once in awhile! Will definately try that, as that price is right about what I would have expected to pay, and I trust the quality, Chef Bruce is no slouch

    2. The Sail Loft is good for fried clams. They get their clams from Ipswich Shellfish and whoever works weekend lunches has a good touch with the fryer. I've had large bellies a few times this year.

      Most of the food is pretty poor but they do their fried clams and scallops well.
      Avoid most of the menu; particularly whatever fish they have on "special."

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      1. re: 9lives

        Off topic (sorry, devilham), 9lives, but speaking of fried foods, how are the fish and chips and chowder at the Sail Loft? Walking around the area on Saturday morning got me wondering.

        1. re: bear

          I don't recall ever having the fish and chips. I like the fish n chips at Daily Catch on Hanover

          The chowder has good flavor but is much too thick for my taste. I occassionally have it and throw a few ice cubes in.

        2. union oyster house it, but I have never tried it there