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Enzos of Arthur Ave in Mount Kisco Closed

I just walked by and saw the sign was empty and the place vacant. Wow. Heard a rumor a steak place is coming. Anyone heard what happened? Very sudden.

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    1. Based on the overpriced mediocre meal I had there, I am surprised it lasted as long as it did....

      1. Wow, that was quick. Considering that in a post a year ago, someone said they tried to eat there but there was an hour wait!

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        1. re: MisterBill2

          predictably quick.

          I miss Fish Cellar

          1. re: weedy

            I miss the Fish Cellar too. I also miss the Brownstone. If you remember that.

        2. Not hard to figure out. Mediocre food, premium prices, no parking. It was meant to be.

          1. Lexington Square is still very good. Reasonable prices. Good burgers and salads too. Very pretty place.

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              I found their prices to be rather high. Which reminds me, I checked the list, and they're not on HVRW this time around. I wonder why?

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                I agree. While Lexington Square prices don't seem that high, at the end of the meal we are usually shocked at the way things add up over there!

            2. There is a Steakhouse that is in the works there. I guess that one more restaurant to add to the mix in Mt.Kisco! Thats 4 total new openings soon or already opened in last 3 months alone!! At least the other Steakhouse closeby is Armonk. Let's see how this will do!

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