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Jun 29, 2012 01:31 PM

Charleston Trip - 7/27-29 - Have restaurants planned, but would appreciate advice/other suggestions

Hey there! I'm taking 2 friends to Charleston for their first trip and want to make sure that I've picked out the best places to dine in our short amount of time. I'm open to recommendations and would greatly appreciate any input you have. Thanks!

Fri Lunch: Going on walking tour of downtown 10am-11:30am. Have been to Husk for lunch before, but wasn't blown away. Was thinking Rue de Jean 39 for the amazing blue cheese/bacon mussels, but am open to other suggestions.

Fri Dinner: Thanks to recs on the board, I've got reservations for us at The Grocery - menu looks amazing.

Sat Lunch: Have to, have to have to do Magnolia's. One of the members of our party who has been to Charleston before says it is a "dealbreaker" if we don't go.

Sat Dinner: Have reservations at Trattoria Lucco - have had amazing meals there before. However, if you have a better suggestion, I'm open to it.

Also looking forward to trying Gin Joint (never been before) and Pavillion Bar (yes, overpriced, no for food but you can't beat having a glass of champagne or martini with the view.)

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help - I appreciate it!

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  1. I think that sounds really good. I've never been to Trattoria Lucco, sad to say. If you want an alternative, look at FIG. It's so great. I'm going there soon!

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      I agree...I love FIG too. It was a tough choice between the two. Give Lucco a try...their cheese & vegetable tasting plates are amazing, as are their pastas. Closest thing I've found to dining in Italy in the U.S.

    2. you'll love the Gin Joint and Pavilion Bar has the money view. The restaurant on the ground floor, Grill 225 has excellent food, and is a value at lunch, you may want to look at that

      Gin Joint has great food too.

      No Sunday brunch?
      Sat - You know Lucca and it's very good, if you didn't decide to go there what would the reason be?

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      1. re: MichaelShemtov

        Thanks for your reply, Michael - I just wanted to see if any locals had any suggestions of great new places that had come up that could be another option. I get to Charleston 1-2X a year, and it's always nice to try new things (and go back to old favorites.:-)

      2. Butcher & Bee...New but Great lunch and late night. Two Bouroughs Larder is also new but Great. Lucca is the best...especially Monday Nights(family Style-no ordering)
        Barsa...Great bar w/ Great Paella

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        1. re: louperella

          Wow, Two Bouroughs Larder looks amazing...I think we've found our Friday lunch spot! Thank you for the suggestions.

        2. 1. F.I.G.
          2. Grocery
          3. Gin Joint
          4. Two Boroughs Larder
          5. Macintosh for brunch

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          1. re: Jeff C.

            Macintosh looks like a "must" for Sunday brunch - thanks for the suggestion!