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Jun 29, 2012 11:46 AM

Recommendations for a Late-ish Chinese Dinner/Snack

I land at SEA around 9:30pm tonight and I've been craving good Chinese food (dumplings, noodle soup, or something along those lines). I did some Yelping but most places seem to close at 9 or 10pm. Does anyone have any recommendations for some late night Chinese? I'll be going from SEA up to Bellevue where I am spending the night.


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  1. Actually, Chinese is one of the better options for late night dining in a town for which restaurants tend to close earlier than I might wish.

    Jade Garden is one in particular that is open till 2:30 AM, and happens to be favored for its dim sum. Other options are discussed here, though the post is a couple years old:

    1. Too late to be useful to you - but Hong Kong Bistro and Purple Dot in the ID both are open at least until 2am on weekends (and 11pm on weekdays, I believe).