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What store sells the best selection of sake in the Boston area?

silent129 Jun 29, 2012 09:57 AM

What do people recommend in terms of liquor stores with the best selection of sake in the Boston area? I'm looking for some nice Hakkaisan Daiginjo, but other Daiginjos would be nice too (since i'm not sure the Hakkaisan Daiginjo is actually sold in the US). Thanks!

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  1. barleywino RE: silent129 Jun 29, 2012 10:09 AM

    Liquor World (Porter Square) sometimes carries a couple good daiginjos (Gekkakow vintage, for example). Martignetti's in Allston has a few iirc (e.g. Wakatake Onikoroshi) and I think Blanchard's has Gekkeikan Horin. I used to find various Kijoshu dessert sakes at the Wine Press in Brookline (Beacon st) but haven't checked there for a long time. Have yet to find good namasake in these parts (I'm not counting Sho Chiku Bai "vending machine" namasake). Have you seen any Kimoto Honjyozo by any chance?

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      yumyum RE: barleywino Jun 29, 2012 03:48 PM

      I wish there was a way to 'like' this response. Thanks BW for the info.

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        BostonZest RE: barleywino Jun 29, 2012 05:36 PM

        Barleywino, Have you spotted any sparkling sakes that you would recommend?

        I have a couple on my list from Richard at the Passionate Foodie. But, since we start each month with a sparkling toast we'd love to include sakes in our reports. Two opinions are always worth considering.

        Of course, if any of the other more experienced sake fans want to weigh in and tell me where to buy sparkling sake locally, three or four or more opinions are even better.


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          barleywino RE: BostonZest Jun 29, 2012 05:54 PM

          Penny,sorry, can't say that I have...

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