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Jun 29, 2012 09:01 AM

"CHOW's Perfect Summer BBQ Pinterest Contest "

As a CH & a Pinterest junkie I excitedly began clicking to see what I thought would be creative, exciting, original boards reflecting each persons ideas of a perfect, unique picnic.

Instead it is just filled with images from Chow. The same ones over and over. Where is the picnic on the floating dock? Where is the picnic served from a Vardo in a secluded valley? Where is there anything remotely original? Every one I saw was just simply regurgitating the same images over and over and (yawn) over.

Pinterest is becoming increasingly filled with promotional bs from companies. As strong of a stance as CH/Chow has against self promotion why would you want to dilute the quality/value of another site?

IMO a complete waste of time.

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  1. hi meatn3,
    after reading your comment I headed "over" to CHOW to read thru the contest rules and to take a look at the entries so far. The outline to enter includes selecting 5 recipes and pinning them to the Pinterest page. The inclusion of other pins isn't really mentioned specifically and I think it might be what's missing/or confusing entries.

    1. Hi meatn3,
      We were hoping that people would create exciting, original boards that included more than just CHOW recipes for this contest. We are happy to see that some people are doing that by including pictures of place settings, summer dresses, and other non-food items along with the required 5 CHOW recipes!

      Suzy, CHOW

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      1. re: suzymb

        Suzy, if that was CHOW's intent (We were hoping that people would create exciting, original boards that included more than just CHOW recipes for this contest) it's not really explained in the How to Enter details (listing). The rules ask participants to pick from recipes and says nothing in relation to selecting other recipes/photos/fun summer ideas.

        "Create a board"...followed by 5 recipes, might be too vague.

        1. re: HillJ

          The concept has some potential. I think HillJ is correct that the rules are too vague. Seems like the boards I saw were simply trying to meet the minimum requirement and had little interest in expanding.

          Suzymb - glad to hear some people are expanding upon the idea. I sure didn't see that...

        2. re: suzymb

          hi Suzy,

          if you're speaking for Chow (i.e. "Suzy, CHOW"), why don't you have the requisite Red Diamond?

          as i've said before, volunteers should have it too, if they are acting on behalf of the site.


          1. re: drewskiSF

            It takes a little work on our side to set the red diamond up, and it hasn't been done for that account yet. But please take this as assurance from someone with a red diamond that Suzy is speaking on behalf of CHOW.