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Jun 29, 2012 08:42 AM

Pregnant wife, no reservations... date night in midtown?

Intimate, great service - def. musts. We're up for any cuisine.


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  1. Were you thinking of something formal, upscale, or casual?

    Do you have any budget considerations?

    How about Picholine? Which restaurants have you enjoyed in the past?

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    1. re: peter j

      Upscale, $30-40 entrees, local/seasonal, lighter (befitting the weather). Can't do a long wait. Would go farther if needed, visiting and staying in midtown east.

        1. re: seanie_boy

          La grenouille might be an option.

      1. When is your date night? Tonight?

        Bar Room at the Modern has lots of availability on OpenTable, if you want something more lively.

        So does Ma Peche, but it's more sedate. She might like loading up on Momofuku Milk Bar treats afterwards. The restaurant is basement level but they have an elevator if she needs it.

        1. Aquavit has been great of late - normally it might be a bit over your price range if you went with the prix fixe, but they've a number of tables on for 30% off, which would make it $62/pp (for four courses). Yes, there's a bit of seafood on the menu (I assume she's forgoing ocean fare?) but there's always a couple options per course that are ocean-critter-free.

          Tulsi is always nice for upscale Indian. The ambience is intimate - each table is in its own little "cabana" - and the food is great. Tons of pregnant-friendly options, including a whole vegetarian menu.

          Just below you in the East 30s is HanGawai, a vegetarian (but seriously amazing) Korean place - many consider it the best Korean restaurant in Manhattan, even carnivore-leaning-omnivores like myself. Fabulously intimate, wonderful place.

          A little bit firther down - in the upper 20s, Millesime and Riverpark could both be decent options. Millesime's specialty IS seafood, though they have some good, basic meat dishes as well - grilled steaks, a roast chicken for two, etc. Riverpark is wonderful, a little hideaway with bright, exciting local/seaonal food, though it's a little bit of a walk from First Ave to the actual entrance - there's a long driveway that I'm pretty sure cabs can't go down, if you're cabbing it.

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          1. re: sgordon

            Really great suggestions!

            So I just booked at Aquavit through -- how does it actually work when you're at the restaurant?

            1. re: seanie_boy

              Do I need to print out my confirmation or some kind of coupon? What about calling ahead to remind the restaurant?

              No on both fronts - once you make your Savored reservation, all you need to do is show up at your appointed time with your party and remind your server that you made your reservation through Savored. At the end of the meal, ensure the correct discount has been applied and be prepared to show your reservation receipt.


              1. re: kurtt

                Thanks. In your experience, do you get incrementally worse service w/ a Savored rez vs. a regular rez?

                1. re: seanie_boy

                  I have noticed no difference in service thru Savored vs. a regular reservation. Just make sure they do the math right!

                  1. re: City Kid

                    And please tip on the pre-discounted amount!

                2. re: kurtt

                  Hope you enjoy! I've been quite fond of them of late - Chef Jernmark took a little time finding his groove when he started a few years ago, but he's really in a good one now. Admittedly, I have a particular fondness for Scandinavian cuisine to begin with... it's not as heavy on the butter, cream, and reductions as French or the carbs as some Italian can be. More about bright flavors - acidity, hints of bitterness, and they're very big on charring and smoke. Bold without being heavy. Good summer fare.

                  As to the savored deal - they're actually very discreet about it. The few times I've used savored, at every restaurant it's been applied quietly without even saying anything. But if they forget, just point it out at the end and they'll fix it. Just remember to tip on the pre-discounted amount - you don't want the waitstaff to get stiffed just because management offered a deal on the menu...

                  Personally, the times I've used discount sites I've (if the service was really good) over-tipped a bit, even. I'm still saving money, and the waitstaff come out ahead as well - everybody wins.

                  And as City Kid pointed out, I've never seen any difference in service level, anywhere, either. I think the host will know, but the waitstaff might not even be told who's dining regular or discounted.

                  1. re: sgordon

                    Awesome. Looking forward to tomorrow's date night!