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Jun 29, 2012 08:25 AM

Happy Produce closed (Albany)

Locked up with a For Rent sign today. I never bought much more than an onion or two or a bunch of bananas, usually after stopping at Zarri's next door, but I've been shopping at Happy Produce for decades. I remember when the older couple still ran the place, then when the adult kids took over...recently a member of the third generation, a cute little girl, rang up my purchase. They tried adding an organic section a few years ago. Didn't last. Still, I'm sorry to see it go. And when I think of Whole Foods coming in down the street, I'm a tad uneasy.

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  1. Confirmed. Just saw the big red FOR RENT signs posted. It was a convenient duo, Zarri's and Happy Produce, right next door. Alas, no longer. I hope that corner does not stay vacant for a long time. ..

    1. I echo yours and Eileen's sentiments as well.

      1. Happy Produce has reopened under new management. Still not fully stocked, but it has new shelves and has been opened up and brightened. Very limited organic produce (grapes, blueberries, raspberries.) I asked about organic lettuce and the young new owner said maybe in the future. He seemed to welcome input. I think the non-produce items are going to lean Latino rather than Asian. And they carry milk, now, I'm glad to see. I wish them luck.

        (I got my pomegranate, too. 89 cents.)