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Jun 29, 2012 08:17 AM

Special Occasion Restaurants - Saratoga Springs/Glens Falls/Lake George Corridor

Hi there -
Looking for recommendations on a restaurant where I can purchase a gift certificate as a wedding present. Looking for something nice, special "occasiony" with good food and a great wine list. Local foods would be a plus. Any where in the Saratoga Springs/Glens Falls/Lake George area. I'd also welcome suggestions as far south as Albany if you feel the restaurant is worth the drive for them..
As I'm not familiar with the restaurant scene there I'd really appreciate a couple suggestions.

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  1. There are several "special occasion" restaurants in Saratoga: Prime, Sperry's, Mouzon House, Maestro's, Boca Bistro, Chianti, Beekman Street Bistro, Max London's; these are my Top 8.

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      Forgot Panza's 28 Tables, so make that Top 9!

    2. Wine Bar in Saratoga Springs is excellent.

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        I would also add Wishing Well and Siro's and Siro's Trattoria.