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Jun 29, 2012 07:36 AM

Montreal West Island - Breakfast and Lunch

I'll be staying in the West Island (almost certainly Pointe-Claire) for several days and really don't want to spend much time eating hotel food! I'd appreciate any recommendations for local breakfast and/or lunch spots. I'll have a car and don't mind driving 15-20 minutes for good chow.

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  1. Good breakfast at Dejeuner Cosmopolitain in Pointe-Claire, near Fairview shopping centre.

    Fantastic Indian at Shahi Palace:

    I hear there's great Afghan food at Aryana, have yet to try it:

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      Thanks kpzoo. All these look very promising and I'll try to get to them all. Surely, however, there must be more than one decent breakfast spot in the area! :-))

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        I'm sure there must be - hopefully some of the West Islanders will chime in with other ideas! I don't live out there myself, so when I am in the area, I always go to my favourite places. ;-)

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          Well on St. John's road besides Cosmopolitan, you have to the South, next to the Zeller's a Chez Cora. (St. John's and Hymus) Going North on St. John's road is also another breakfast nook, it is in the mall next to the Roxboro United Church. You can always find Tim Horton's on St. John's across from Fairview shopping center if you want something fast.

          For lunch I quite like Madison's in Dollard des Ormeaux at the market on DeSalaberry street. It is continental cuisine, service is excellent and it has many salad options on the menu, as well as ribs, steak, seafood. Also in the same area you will find quite a few restaurants which cater to the lunch crowd as it is the business section and center of Dollard des Ormeaux. The Marche itself really caters to the lunch crowd and many takeout areas here.

          You can also head to St. Charles Road in Kirkland to Steak n Frites, we went there for lunch recently and we really enjoyed it, and they have a lovely outdoor Terrasse. On St. Charles near Pierrefonds Blvd. is a Vietnamese resto called Pho Binh, I was dragged there by my niece who loves this cuisine and although I do not enjoy this type of food found it very good. My absolute favorite place to eat for Italian on St. Charles is Calzone, it is a small take out resto, which has a brick oven, the pizza is amazing and the lasagna to die for. They have 4 tables for seating. For croissants and sweets on Pierrefonds Boulevard, Maison Maillette, and they do serve a limited breakfast menu but the breads and pastry for takeout so good.. Across the street for lunch, Akhvan grocery stores has a grill area and serves Iranian grill and BBQ. I live on the West Island and have tried all my suggestions. A very, very nice place to eat for a special occasion, La Maison Verte. Hope this helps you out, Bon Appetit as Julia would say!

      2. Delibee's, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 24 Valois Bay Ave, Pointe-Claire, (514) 693 1163 and more details on their smoked meat sandwich here

        1. Pointe Claire village has a bunch of great little eateries these days. Sorry, got no names (other than The Old Orchard Pub, which my mum loves). And actually, a little hole called the Buffet du Village looks okay for greasy-spoon type breakfast at 272 Bord du Lac.

          1. Ambrose, type in "West Island" in the search, you will find quite a few threads.

            Are you looking for a specific type of cuisine? Unfortunately there are a lot of chains out in the WI but you will find a few decent places mixed in. I don't bother too much with going out for breakfast but as kpzoo mentioned, Cosmopolitan does it right. There are also a couple of half decent Caribbean spots and very good middle eastern sandwich shops (mostly take out type places). I'll also add Bombay Choupati (not sure if they are open for lunch) to kpzoo's excellent Shahi Palace rec.

            I'd also recommend Bistro Nola which just recently opened, they definitely are open for lunch with table service.

            1. There is also the Black Lion Pub in the west island, they have a nice balcony if the weather cooperates!