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Jun 29, 2012 07:01 AM

Misery Loves Co. Food Truck = Amazing

This truck apparently wanders between Burlington and Winooski, announcing their presence and their menu on facebook. The menu shifts from day to day.

Yesterday I walked down to Maglianero's where the truck was parked and ordered myself a testa sandwich, called "Pig Headed." Meltingly tender meat roasted with fennel and other unidentified seasonings, topped with chopped vegetative matter and capers on a sweet bun. My companions ordered "Seoul Food" with Korean BBQ, siracha mayo and a not very present kimchee layer. I'm not sure what how the BBQ was supposed to differ due to its Korean nature. I thought it was just tasty barbecued pork. (One companion said that the meat was dry; the other disagreed.)

Sandwiches cost $8-$10. They also offer hand cut fries, salads and strawberry-rhubarb "pie holes" which are three bites of flaky, tangy sweetness.

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  1. MLC now has a brick and mortar space in Winooski. Hard working people, very creative menu, excellent value. Highly recommended: