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Jun 29, 2012 05:57 AM

Restaurants in Fort Point or Sea Port?

Taking the kids to the children's museum this afternoon and looking for dinner options nearby. Haven't been down to that area in a while.Doesn't have to be cheap, but not super high end either (wasted on them,!) Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Sportello is a few doors down and kid friendly. Ask for the carbonara if it's not listed on the menu.

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      I work in the area, and I love Sportello, but it's a Barbara Lynch restaurant, so unless your idea of kid friendly is small plates of (admittedly delicious) pasta for $20+, I'd try something else such as Lucky's (burgers and other bar food) or Papagayo (passable Mexican) over on Summer St. Avoid the Blue Wave. If you really want to go cheap and quick, there's a new Boloco back across the bridge. There's also the Barking Crab, which has gotten lots of negative play on this Board, but which might be a fun place for kids.

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        lucky's might work for us. i'd like to try sportello but seems like a date night place for us.

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          Blue Wave has closed. Near the waterfront is Strega; not sure if Empire has open yet, wthich is in the same building.

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            I believe Blue Wave is kaput.

            I like the Flour and Papagayo recs, but I think the Barking Crab is gross, and even if you think the frat-house atmosphere and reek of stale beer is fun, it's not appropriate for children, in my book.


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              Slim; have you been to the barking crab during the day? It is mostly families with strollers who have just come from the children's museum. The walk from the museum to the crab is along the channel in a narrow park which kids enjoy.

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              I've been avoiding the Blue Wave for so long I didn't even notice it was gone, good riddance! As to Flour, it's great (if you don't mind the wait) but more of a lunch place and it closes early for dinner.

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                Lucky's will be crowded and loud on a Friday night unless you go early, but is a good suggestion for the food and relaxed atmosphere. Papagayo is good too. If you want to walk down to the World Trade Center area, I think there may be some tall ships coming in that you can see, and you could try Legal Harborside or LTK with the kids.

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                  i've eaten with kids at Sportello (and seen other families there as well). The kids could split a pasta, if price is a concern (the OP did say doesn't have to be cheap). I had a burger at Luckys once and it was a complete waste of $16, couldn't even finish it...should've spent the money at Sportello (or somewhere else)

              2. Flour Bakery is right behind the museum and my kids love it. They make them off-menu delicacies such as turkey on wheat bread with nothing else on the sandwich or plate. I let the kids pick a cookie/brownie afterward and they are happy as can be. It's loud and informal and the food is very good. Open till 7PM on weeknights.

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                  Flour is great but they don't do well with crowds. If busy you will be waiting and the place is small.

                2. While it is certainly not high end, Barlow's has acceptable pub grub, and has lots of kid friendly items on the menu. We tried it for the first time a few weeks back when we saw a play at Fort Point Studios, and was surprised that it was so solid (I was anticipating a horror-show). Again, not Flour or Sportello, but acceptable pub grub at a decent price.

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                  1. well, thanks for all the suggestions. we were done at the museum at 3:30, so we ended up just going home. couldn't find what to do for and hour and a half in 99 degree weather. Next time!!!!!