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Jun 29, 2012 04:28 AM

Thoughts on cooking a venison roast?

I have a 3-5 pound venison roast in the fridge that is just about thawed and I am desperately trying to nail down a cooking method for the weekend. I'm not terribly familiar with venison cuts so unfortunately I'm not sure what type of roast I am dealing with. My thoughts are to get it into a brine this afternoon, rub tomorrow, and roast it on a Holland Grill. Anyone have any thoughts or experience? My concern, of course, is that the cut is very lean and that it will dry out.

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  1. You could "soak" it in Buttermilk overnight in the fridge and then simply prepare it as you would a Beef pot roast on the stove with a nice gravy.

    1. Venison is always lean and needs careful cooking. For a roast, I'd usually cover it in bacon slices to add fat. Here's a recipe that should suit:

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        just be sure to cook it no more then rare...i great marinade would be some Pommery mustard, garlic, thyme...and you could make a great wild mushroom sauce on the side( just a side note venison is even great as a tartare...) so no problem serving it really rare!

      2. I recently made Jamie Oliver's Pan Seared Venison with Blueberry Shallot Sauce which we really liked.

        The leftover sauce was also great on duck sausages.