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Jun 29, 2012 04:27 AM

Portland - Greek Festival

I will be going to the Greek Festival for lunch today. I have never been since this is my first summer in Portland.

I understand it can get a bit pricy, so:
a) What is the best lunch item to get, regardless of price?
b) What is the best bang-for-your-buck lunch item?

Looking forward to lunch!

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  1. The grape leaves are good and a good deal.The lamb kebabs are good but always well done.Fun times.

    1. Went for lunch on Friday with SO and co-worker. We showed up around 11:45, waited about 10 minutes in line to get our tickets, and got our food shortly after that. The line was very long by 12:30 when we left.

      Between the three of us we had: 2 gyros, a spanakopeta, grape leaves, salad, lamb kabobs and a baklava.

      Everything was great! The spanakopeta had a great texture, crispy filo dough and a wonderful filling. The gyro was classic; onions, tomato, tzaziki, and lamb. The grape leaves were of the meat variety, which are not my favorite, but they were still tasty. I did not try the lamb kabobs but they looked good, though I think my co-worker mentioned they were chewy. The baklava was of course amazing.

      The food was a bit expensive; $6 for spanakopeta and $8 for gyro, but it was worth it considering it was all local-home-made. I'll def be back next year!

      1. I'm bummed that I miss the Greek Festival this year. Can anybody report on how it was?