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Jun 29, 2012 04:01 AM

special anniversary dinner in or near Rockville, MD

OUr daughter and son-in-law who do not get to dine out on their own (minus kids) very often are celebrating a 15th anniversary soon and we would like to give them a gift certificate to a special place for dinner. They are rather low key people but do enjoy fine cooking. No fish places please!

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  1. In Rockville proper, there's not a lot. Addie's would probably be the best choice, maybe Amici Miei, though that one gets pretty loud.

    In Bethesda, Passage to India is delightful, also Grapeseed and Black's. Maybe Bistro Provence, Redwood, or Food Wine & Co.

    In Silver Spring, I'd go with 8407, Jackie's, or Ray's the Classics.

    In Gaithersburg, Le Palais.

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    1. re: DanielK

      Thanks so much. I will check the web sites and perhaps get a feel for atmpsphere and menu choice.

      1. re: DanielK

        These are all good choices, but Black's menu might be too seafood heavy for them. Maybe Black Market Bistro would be better?

        In Rockville proper, there's also Il Pizzico, which is great, although the room feels a bit dated.

        If they don't mind taking Metro, Cleveland Park is a pretty short trip from Rockville. A couple good options there would be Palena or Dino.

        1. re: Guy Incognito

          thanks. I will check these places out. Since parking at the Rockville Metro station is sometimes a problem it may work better for them to stay in Rockville

          1. re: Guy Incognito

            I like Black Market Bistro and Il Pizzico, but neither takes reservations. And BMB I don't really find anniversary-worthy - casual and VERY loud from all of the kids.

            1. re: DanielK

              If noise level is a concern, then maybe cross Addie's off as well. It can get pretty loud in there too...

          2. re: DanielK

            Oh, and going in the other direction (north of Rockville) I would recommend Monocacy Crossing. Since it is mostly highway, you could probably get there as quickly as you could to Bethesda, assuming you are starting from the "actual Rockville" and not, say, the area around White Flint.

            1. re: Just Visiting

              Monocacy Crossing has slid down the slope a little. Not bad, but not what it was. Might as well keep going to the Tasting Room in downtown Frederick, which is still on top of it's game. Frederick is a fun place to be without the kids.

          3. La Canela in Rockville Town Centre is wonderful. I haven't been to Spice Xing but I am told it is very good.

            It might help if you were to specify what you mean by Rockville because that is a BIG area. There is an incorporated town of Rockville, but that name also covers everything from just above the Beltway to just below/east of Potomac. So if their babysitting time is limited, and they want to stay closer to home, we could avoid making recommendations that entail 45-60 minutes of driving (yes, it can take that long to get from the center of Rockville to the center of Bethesda, including parking).

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            1. re: Just Visiting

              they live in the College Gardens section of Rockville not too far from I-270. the streets all have names of flowers like Crocus, etc. and I know they go often to the town center. I will look at La Canela. thanks!

              1. re: tahmore

                Add La Canela to my list of recs above, along with Spice Xing (which, btw, is the sibling restaurant of Passage to India in Bethesda, though much more casual).

                1. re: DanielK

                  Does anyone have any thoughts about Mykonos Grill? It seemed to get rave reviews on Tripadvisor and the cuisine sounds appealing.

                  1. re: tahmore

                    It's nice, but I think of it more like a regular weeknight dinner than a special occasion place.

                    1. re: DanielK

                      Agree completely that Mykonos is nothing special. And also agree completely about Black Market Bistro.

                      And I also agree strongly that if Monocacy Crossing has slipped, and you are going as far as Frederick, then ... well, I would go to Volt. Pricey but worth it. SO WORTH IT!

                      I am a fan of TripAdvisor for hotels, but not for restaurants. Visitors tend not to know the best places.

                      1. re: Just Visiting

                        I have used Chowhound much more for advice on restaurants and have valued all the inpujt. I'll take the advice abou Mykonos.

            2. You may also want to consider founding farmers in potomac

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              1. re: cambridgeMike

                Unfortunately, I can't second this one. Way too loud for a special occasion restaurant, and the best things on the menu are the simple ones like meatloaf and fried chicken. The more ambitious sounding items tend to not be successful here, and I've been several times now.

                  1. re: DanielK

                    Agree. It is just OK and due to the fact that it is an area without many restaurants, it is too hectic for a nice anniversary dinner. It is also getting meh reviews.

                    I just recommended to someone else in MoCo that they try Potowmack Farms in Lovettsville, VA. I should have recommended that to you, too. It is beautiful, romantic, the food is wonderful (local and seasonal), the cooking is exceptional.

                  2. re: cambridgeMike

                    Not terribly romantic for a kid free evening, and way too loud for intimate conversation. We did not find most of the food to be anything special, but we did love the desserts.

                  3. I have read all the replies and there are many fine choices listed. IMHO, I would send them to Ruths Chris in Bethesda. The food is great.. they can get perfectly cooked aged prime steaks, great fresh lobster, the sides and appetizers are consistently perfect, desserts fantastic and the waiters are thoroughly professional. It fits the criteria of a special night out. I am frequent poster on this sight and love the small locally owned places with great food. I always wonder why the Bethesda Ruths Chris doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

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                    1. re: dining with doc

                      Thanks for another idea about the anniversary dinner. I hope all in the area are not suffering because of the recent storm and power outages. The anniversary couple will really appreciate a good meal out after losing power and wondering if they should dispose of most of their food!

                      1. re: dining with doc

                        Because Ruths' Chris is the largest chain prime steakhouse in the world, and most people on CH would rather keep their money (as you say) with small locally owned places. :-)

                        1. re: DanielK

                          I think most people on chow hound want a fantastic meal. If that occurs in a small mom and pop operation like Grace Garden, so be it. if that occurs in a locally owned franchise that consistently delivers great food like the Bethesda Ruth Chris.......also so be it

                          1. re: dining with doc

                            thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I gave the coupld a choice and they came up with founding Farmers in Potomac. They have heard about it and are eager to try it. I hope all the helpful suggestions yu sent will also inspire them.

                            1. re: tahmore

                              Food is ok. Fried green tomato is very good. Bacon lollypops also good. Fried chicken just fair. Would not describe it as a special night destination but hope they enjoy it.

                              1. re: tahmore

                                I love Founding Farmers, but it's rather noisy and casual for a special occasion. And the service/food there is very inconsistent.

                                Haven't been in years, but talk of steak houses reminded me of Nick's Chophouse in King Farm ....

                                1. re: tahmore

                                  I think you made a good suggestion. We went the other week for one of our few times out after having a 10 month baby. While the food wasn't perfect it was actually fun to be in a loud boisterous place without our kid. We have plenty of quiet time at home, it was nice to feel the energy there. I would agree to have them stick to the basics. My French dip sandwich was great. My wife's fancy seafood pasta was a disaster