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Jun 29, 2012 02:13 AM

Recommend a Bar/Restaurant to root for Italy (vs Spain) this Sunday. Euro 2012.

Please recommend a place to watch the Euro Cup final this Sunday.

There are plenty of Spanish tapas bars to support Spain, but Italian restaurants are less likely to have TVs at their bars or in their dining rooms.


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  1. I have watched a lot of Serie A matches at Numero 28 pizza on Carmine, they have two big screens and the pizza is quite good.

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    1. re: Alan Henderson

      Same goes for Numero 28 on Second Ave and 11th.

    2. Boom on Spring St has a TV at the bar - you can sit there or at a table in the front. For the last Italy match,I think I was the only non Italian in the restaurant.
      Rae 305

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        Hey Rae, looked this place up as I'm looking for a place as well. Were a lot of people focused on the match? Or was it very casual watching because they happened to be there at the time it was going on? Looking for a place with halfway decent food and a gameday atmosphere where an Italian fan isn't in enemy territory.

        1. re: alexinct

          alexinct, Most of the crowd was very into the match, wearing italian blue. food is good too.