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Jun 28, 2012 11:21 PM

Famous Ike's Sandwiches from SF is now in all places: Salinas!

I'm on Ike's email list & can't believe he just opened up a new shop in of all places Salinas, CA!

1822 N. Main St, Salinas

Anyone going to try it?

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    1. I tried it yesterday. Delicious! Good quality bread, great flavors. I had the Turkey,Pesto and Grilled tomatos combo and will definately be going back. Price point a little high for Salinas so I hope they make it.

      1. I have eaten here a few times now, and it's always been great. Personally, I think they located on the wrong side of town (and next to a Walmart!) but they seem to be busy and doing well. They'll be opening in Monterey soon, too.