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Jun 28, 2012 08:56 PM


What's your fav dish at Notable? I'm thinking of going for the first time this weekend.


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  1. I don't think you can go wrong at Notable. My favourite place in town! Especially the rotisserie chicken is amazing and the burger of the month (had it twice, different month) was mindblowing.

    1. We've ordered the scollops and grilled romain hearts pretty much every time we've been there. Buttery richness, charred wife's eyes turn into saucers by mere mention of the possibility of eating this dish.

      I'm a big fan of the lamb sirloin, but I'm not fond of the spicy Boursin risotto it's currently paired with (and has made the rounds with some other protein/mains). It's tasty, but edges just a little to much into creamed/sauced rice rather than a true risotto.

      I've had exceptional halibut there before, but I don't think it was the current pairing with tomato, olive and fava. I would, however, expect this to be excellent!

      For lunch, the braised and rotisserie'ed brisket sandwich there is great.

      In general, I'll echo josey124 and say that I expect pretty much anything you get there is going to be great. I'm a huge fan of this place. Thoughtful food, casual service, competitive prices. If you can, take a seat at the bar with a view of the wood grill.

      [Edit: the braised brisket is still available on the lunch menu...YAY!]

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        omg the brisket at lunch is my favourite there isn't anything I am not a fan of to be honest. The burger of the month is always good, the prime rib is good, the lamb is lovely. The tenderloin is fantastic.

      2. I had the rib eye, it was amazing! Thank you every that replied!