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Pork Buns, Duck Buns, Other buns: which places do you like for Buns

foodwhisperer Jun 28, 2012 07:51 PM

I love buns, especially pork buns. Besides Cha Siu Bao which I like at Hop Shing and next door to Happy Star(was Golden Carriage), I like the "other kind of buns". I like the pork buns at Momofuku, I like the pork buns and the spicy chicken buns at Ippudo. There used to be a Chinese place on Church and White that had good buns. Tonite I discovered Jum Mum on St Marks. They were out of duck buns, which looked awesome in their photo of them, I had the pork belly bun, it was on that same white folded bread ( like Momofuku et al) and it was delicious at $2.75. They have veggie buns, Bulgogi buns, chicken buns, and more. They have a deal, 3 buns for $6.99. I think this was a good find. I'm interested to hear of any other bun places. Thanks.

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    peter j Jun 29, 2012 08:04 AM

    Amazing 66 serves peking duck in buns though I think you'll need to order a whole duck.

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      kathryn Jun 29, 2012 06:28 AM

      The folded kind is a he yeh bao aka lily pad bun most likely.

      Have you tried:
      Golden Steamer
      Lani Kai
      Bao Haus
      The Fun Buns truck

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      1. re: kathryn
        foodwhisperer Jun 29, 2012 09:54 AM

        Ive only been to Wong and the Bao Haus, I never heard of the others,,i'll try to locate them on google. Thanks Which one is best?
        Peter: Ive been to Amazing 66, i didn't know they had duck buns,,i thought they serve the peking duck in moo shu pork wrappers ( tortilla like)

        1. re: foodwhisperer
          peter j Jun 29, 2012 10:03 AM

          Search "amazing 66" and "peking duck buns" on google images and you'll see what I mean. They're delicious!

          1. re: foodwhisperer
            kathryn Jun 29, 2012 10:12 AM

            Fun Buns truck is by the Bian Dang folks. A new food truck.

            Lani Kai is the Hawaiian bar by Julie Reiner (Flatiron Lounge and Clover Club).

            Golden Steamer is in Chinatown and a favorite of Serious Eats.

            1. re: foodwhisperer
              michelleats Jun 29, 2012 09:54 PM

              The buns at Wong are worth seeking out. The buns are deep fried (with hardly any residual grease) and bursting at the seams with juicy, shredded duck meat. They are a beautiful thing.

              1. re: michelleats
                foodwhisperer Jun 29, 2012 10:08 PM

                I will try those buns at Wong,,the thing I hate about Wong is so many dishes have fried eggs,,, i hate fried eggs

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