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Jun 28, 2012 06:54 PM

Monday night dinner for 5 help?

I wanted to res La Porte but they're closed.

Looking for something interesting and similar.

1 pers. has gluten allergy that needs to be properly accommodated.

My last meal in the province/country for many months so would like it to be special.

I know that CCeP is open Mondays (I believe) but I've been too many times this past spring. Same deal with Pintxo. Not interested in fish as I'll be down the coast in a few days and nothing at any level can match. Pref. somethign with modern French influence; easy enough. Not the usual bistro recs please. Would prefer to try somewhere new that I haven't been, and looking to the higher price (fine dining) end; no cost consideration. Not 400 Coups, Filet, Joe Beef, 5ieme, 3 Petits, Mas, etc. etc. Any newer restaurants on the radar that match?


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  1. How's O'Thym; anyone been recently and could you give a quick summary/description if so?

    edit: nevermind, just remember I was there several months ago and not what I'm looking for in menu or atmosphere.

    Is P'tit Plateau open Mondays?

    1. What 'bout "La Chronique" (not necessarily modern, but good).

      Bouillon Bilk could be a good choice, so could "Brasserie T" or the "St-Cyr" (st-cath. east).

      (don't know how well they deal with gluten allergies).

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        While not the number one consideration (I get to be selfish for this one!) I don't think my folks/sibs would be into Chronique and that atmosphere is a tad clinical and cold if I recall, no?

        Haven't been in a few years so I may be mistaken.

        I don't mean to be so choosy but it's a 'farewell' dinner with close family so I'd prefer something a bit more "homey" or at least fun and pref. more inspired menu. I'd like the others to enjoy the meal as well, and I think the menu's too limited and fussy here. Precious plating and few choices that while well executed, aren't anything that you couldn't necessarily find elsewhere. I'm really the only one who appreciates food beyond consumption of the lot. My mom does too I suppose, though I should mention that she's a veg who does fish. She's pretty easy going and can always find something on most menus so again, not a big concern.

        La Chronique isn't my number one choice for a last dinner in the city though. Just not that into it and the menu doesn't really do it for me. Would prefer something more interesting with food and setting.

        I called and P'tit Plateau is closed Mondays, as suspected.

        I've never been to Bouillon but will research now.

        Brasserie T isn't anything special to me and I don't really see it as a destination place. Haven't been to St-Cyr though downtown St-Cathe isn't my first choice, but I'll look into that as well.

        Would prefer something more unique and memorable, if such a place exists with life in the kitchen on Monday nights.


      2. There's a good list of restaurants open on mondays here :

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        1. re: Glaff


          Is Europea a safe bet on a Monday night or should I steer clear? Any idea whether Ferrer is in the kitchen given it's usually a slow night? I sent an email and took a res on OT but thought it worth asking as it's an expensive night out...

          1. re: OliverB

            Fromt he restaurant:

            "Mr. Ferrer should be there, but we can never guarantee it as he may be needed in another restaurant of the Europea group."

            Hmmm... Has anyone been to Europea on an "off night" before?

        2. I've heard great things about Zero8 for people with allergies and intolerances but they are closed on mondays.

          If you want ambiance and have a vegetarian in your group you might want to consider Lola Rosa in the McGill ghetto (on Milton). It is not a destination restaurant and is quite small (reservation) but it is a very good vegetarian bistro with honest food where i'd take a friend or familly to chat.

          Maybe consider Le Piment Rouge (I don't know if they are open on Mondays) or Maison Bulud (they seem open on Monday) if you want more highbrow?