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Jun 28, 2012 06:30 PM

asking for West Palm area ideas

We liked Table 26 and need other sugestions for places with chefs who use fresh local ingredients somewhat creatively.

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  1. Take a look at these threads:

    Coolinary Cafe in Jupiter

    Max's Harvest in Delray

    I have not been in way too long, but 32 East (also in Delray) also does tons of good stuff in the fresh/local area:

    Note - As we get into summer, the variety of "fresh local" ingredients from tropical Florida can decline somewhat (in terms of produce). But chefs here will do their best to get fresh from Georgia, SC, etc

    And in talking with SoFla "farm to fork" chefs / owners, as demand increases from consumers - and hence restaurants - local farmers are developing and willing to invest in innnovations to extend the growing season right through summer, explore new varieties, etc.

    If people are willing to pay, solutions will be found.

    1. Nice to see someone mention Coolinary Cafe they are trying....and are priced well. Please stay away from Food Shak and Leftovers in Jupiter..they are so bad!

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        "Please stay away from Food Shack and Leftovers in Jupiter..they are so bad!"

        Details please! This will be news to the Foodies here who made numerous comments such as:

        "Fun atmosphere, absolutely excellent service, wide craft beer selection, and a great selection of inventive takes on Florida / Carribean seafood with a few Asian / Indian touches."


        "This has been my favorite restaurant in PBC for the past 5 years now. I can honestly say between the both I have had over 50 meals and never once disappointed."


        "I have been to Lefotvers and Food Shack many times"


        "Ditto....easily my favorite resto in all of Fla. I go there regularly and have never once had just an average meal."

        Or "I spent 20 years in NYC as a food-obsessed creature and am prone to making unfair comparisons. Definitely agree w/Little Moir’s Food Shack."

        You went out of your way to post negative comments on them in 2 places. Is it personal?

      2. Verdea is an odd duck - hidden away in the Embassy Suites hotel in the Gardens. Fresh and local as possible. As noted, in South Florida, that doesn't mean down the street, esp. in summertime. Cafe Chardonnay works with local farmers, Russell's Blue Water Grill (seafood) is also trying to get as much local product as possible. Buccan in Palm Beach is totally a fun spot and Chef Clay Conley always has something interesting on his menu there and next door at Imoto (Asian). Both worthy. I second and third the Coolinary Cafe on Donald Ross Road - Tim Lipman is chef there and working very hard to be creative and as local as possible. Tiny place, though - go early; he serves same menu at lunch. 32 East is Nick Morfogen; Max's Harvest is the most notable newcomer in that area. Out west at Pangea (Wellington mall) chef Ryan Vargas is amazing with Pacific Rim cuisine - another hidden eats.