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Leyla Turkish

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A little gem on Chestnut. Clean and quick. First we had the Hummus - a safe play. But the bread they brought was not pita. It was a Turkish bread we were told. Hot, fluffy and good.

Lots of different kebab items. I had the adana kebab. Good, but I would have liked mine more well done like I make at home. I cook my kebab more at home. My wife played it safe and just had chicken kebab. She was very happy with it. A mixed lettuce and tomato salad side and rice come wiht each kebab.

Overall a big thumbs up to a very nice little Turkish place in Philly. With some Turkish places closing it is good to see a new one open.

Try this. I think you will really like it.

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  1. Leziz on Passyunk near South is pretty good too. Good lamb kebabs, pita, and really awesome flan-like bread pudding.