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Jun 28, 2012 05:42 PM

Best French in Brooklyn

I am looking for a restaurant/bar/bakery/etc. anywhere in Brooklyn that has the ability to transport its patrons to France.

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  1. It's been many a year since we ate at Bacchus, because we thought it had gone downhill then and have not given it another chance, but it has a French atmosphere and is run by French people. Also run by French people is Autour du Monde and Canaille (French owner, but weird). We've never been to Le Baricou, but it's supposed to be very French. Also, if you accept the the Overseas Territories count as part of France, you should try Kaz An Nou for Guadeloupe food.
    Bacchus: 409 Atlantic Avenue
    Autour du Monde 860 Fulton Street
    Canaille 78 5th Avenue
    Le Barricou 533 Grand St.
    Kaz An Nou 53 Sixth Ave.

    1. Petite Crevette in Carroll Gardens is worth a look for seafood. BYOB, and run by a French ex-pat. And consider Almondine in DUMBO for French breads/pastries.

      1. In addition to what has been listed so far, I would add Sue Perette for the food, Bar Tabac for the atmosphere and Bien Cuit for the bread.

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          I know this is not Brooklyn, but Tournesol in Long Island City is a great , old school French bistro.

        2. Anyone try Juliette in Williamsburg?

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            I love Juliette! Wonder food and lovely cocktails. It is a simple menu, but good food still. If you want more traditonal french food I agree that Tournesol in Long Island City is great choice and it is in front of the VERNON JACKSON 7 subway entrance.

          2. I like Quercy on Court Street near Baltic. Excellent cassoulet. Dinner only except brunch on weekends.

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              John Francis > Quercy has "bit the dust". For it's older twin; which has unparalleled light streaming in its 10th Ave. window in the late afternoons > try La Luncheonette. Say Hello to Melva.