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Jun 28, 2012 05:25 PM

ASHEVILLE -- Light Dinner Suggestion?

We're visiting in August for four nights, and the first three nights are booked up with Admiral, Curate, and Cucina 24. We'll probably be going "all in" at these three spots, and might be looking for a little lighter dinner on the fourth night, but that would still capture the spirit of Asheville's food scene. Thoughts??

If it's helpful, we'll hopefully also be hitting Early Girl for breakfast and 12 Bones and White Duck for lunch during our visit. Thanks!

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  1. a few thoughts - if you want to stay downtown...
    Posana - and sit outside or Laughing Seed (vegetarian) on Wall St - also has outside seating - great for people watching...same street as Cucina 24 you could also do Market Place which has a great bar and outside seating and has some wonderful small plates.
    River Arts District - The Junction - wonderful cocktails - also has outside seating
    Are you going to bypass the Grove Park Inn? At least go up at sunset and have a drink overlooking the city - amazing view.

    1. How about a food truck crawl? You'd still have to show some restraint, but it would be very au currant for the food scene of the moment.

      1. and then go up to GPI for a drink only. Foodher is correct, the view from sunset is a don't miss

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        1. re: danna

          We're currently planning to catch GPI for drinks before our Friday night dinner (will probably not be able to hang around for sunset that night, but maybe we'll have to revise that plan!). I haven't been able to get a good feel for the GPI terrace from their website -- which of the restrautants/bars at GPI is the spot for drinks overlooking the city?

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            Like everything at GPI, it's a PIA. There is very limited bar-only seating on the terrace. In the winter, they put rocking chairs out there and it's great, but once the weather warms, they put out tables on the terrace and you can't sit there just for a drink. BUT....if you walk down the stairs to the right of the hostess stand with the drink you have acquired from the lobby bar go to the 2nd level of the terrace, you will find a few raised cocktail tables w/ chairs. Continuing farther back toward the other side of the main terrace, you will find a few faux adirondack chairs.

            Despite the long walk from whereever you'll park (it's mostly valet), the likely attitude, high prices, mediocre quality of the drinks, and the logistical effort involved in finding a place to sit...there is nothing more "worth it". The views up there are magnificent, whether you do sunset or not. You'll see the mountains appear "layered" as they recede to the west, each layer becoming a lighter shade of blue. You can also see this effect from Sky Bar.

            I agree w/ chezdy, Sunny Point is WAYbetter than Early Girl. Early Girl is good at media relations more so than food, IMO.

        2. SKIP, really, SKIP Early Girl and head over to Sunny Point. Like oh, 3200 times better food and service. EG, while once promising has not served me a good meal in years. Sigh...
          Plant, a newer Vegan restaurant will surprise you with how great the food is. (and many many carni-omnivores eat there as well. Not the stereotypical Birkenstock crowd...)

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          1. re: chezdy

            I was going to suggest Plant as well. It's wonderful. White Duck for dinner instead of lunch could be another option or what about small plates at The Junction or Storm or just appetizers at Limones? You have some great meals planned...enjoy! Oh, and I would also think about Sunny Point or Over Easy instead of EG for breakfast, although I do still enjoy EG for lunch.

            1. re: miss piggy

              OOOh... Storm...that's a good idea. Their ceviche is excellent and that's certainly a light dinner. (pretend you don't see the excellent burger and fries on the menu). I don't *think* Junction is doing the small plates thing anymore for dinner are they? I think it's full-on dinner now. correct me if I'm wrong, it's certainly a nice choice other than stufingf you. Husband and I have had the fried chicken and grits the last 2 times we were there.

              also, White Duck had a line out the door Saturday that almost extended to the street. We didn't wait. is that common now? I've never seen it out the door before.

              1. re: danna

                The times I've been to White Duck there has been a line out the door, but it moves very quickly as people wait in line to place their order and then find a seat. A waitress will usually bring out your tacos within 10 or so minutes of ordering.

                I love White Duck.

                1. re: danna

                  You know, you're right...Junction doesn't the small plates anymore - I forgot. But I feel like you can eat very light there with apps and salads and smaller portioned entrees.

                  White Duck seems to always have a line as long as 12 Bones now during lunch. We've been twice for dinner lately and there has been no line or a very short one. Regardless, it does move pretty quickly.

              2. re: chezdy

                I think Early Girl is so-so. I've had better breakfasts at Tupelo Honey.

              3. Just got back from Asheville. We ate at Admiral, Plant, and 12 Bones.
                Admiral and Plant were both great meals. 12 Bones was good solid BBQ, but I used to think they were better in the past. Maybe I'm becoming too cynical with BBQ the more I travel as well as practice my BBQ technique at home. It was the new Arden location though; I don't know if that has anything to do with it.