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In Carlsbad right now-any good recs in the area?

Hi there! Im in Carlsbad for 5 days and could use some recs for excellent food in carlsbad and surrounding area (open to driving 10-15 miles as we have 2 small kids). We are adventurous eaters and love all cuisines. Can't be too fancy bc of kid factor. On the list so far: Armenian cafe (had lunch today); yoshino deli; Red oven pizza truck; carnitas snack shack; Taquerias La takiza-vista location. Thx!!!

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  1. Try Casa de Bandini at the Forum, Carlsbad ( El Camino Real & Calle Barcelona. )

    1. Flying pig in oceanside

      1. Do you like craft beer? If so, Pizza Port Carlsbad might be worth a stop.

        1. I believe there were two long, complete threads addressing this query within the last month. This is summer rental season. So search for Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach threads.

          1. West Bistro and west seafood and steak are pretty tasty.



            They are affiliated with a hotel but the food has always been great.

            Kings seafood is a chain but they are very kid friendly and good food.


            Parking can be dicey in this location.

            1. Fish house Vera cruz is a good lunch spot and they have a cool aquarium that kids would enjoy


              1. Lot s of good stuff in Encinitas, Carlsbad, not as much. In Carlsbad, for a casual seafood lunch, you might try Pelly's. Good, simple, fresh seafood and seafood sandwiches, just west of the 5 on Encinas. in a shopping area with a Ralphs or Vons.

                The best sushi in Sand Diego is at Kaito Sushi in Encinitas on El Camino Real. Very serious sushi, but casual even for omakase and very friendly to kids.

                Hope all goes well.

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                  +1 on Pelly's recommendation. Went there last summer and loved the fish tacos, sashimi, etc. Looking forward to trying Yu Me Ya and Kaito on the trip this year.

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                    Another vote for Pelly's. Was there tonight. At our table: NE clam chowder, lobster tacos, calamari steak and halibut sandwiches and everyone enjoyed their meal.
                    For something less casual, Paon in downtown Carlsbad is very good

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                      +1 on Yu Me Ya Sake House. Hadn't thought about that place in a while. Next time I am down from L.A. in my hometown.