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Jun 28, 2012 04:58 PM

Artie's or Barney Greengrass?

Will be on the UWS and want to know which one would be preferred for a good pastrami sandwich-- and do they make their own cole slaw? Or is there a 3rd choice?

Also, how is the herring at Murray's Sturgeon?

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  1. For Pastrami, just go to Katz's. For smoked fish, go to the Sturgeon King

    1. Check out Menu Pages. I don't know if Barney G serves pastrami; I think of it as a dairy place. The other two choices for sit-down places of that style on the UWS are Fine & Shapiro and Lansky's. I can't speak to the comparative quality of the pastrami, however.

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        Fine and Shapiro is terrible. nothing redeeming to be found there.

      2. I've had the Pastrami from Arties and it is very good for the UWS. However, I agree with AubWah - just head to Katz's if you can swing it.

        I'm pretty sure Barney Greengrass has pastrami, I've never had it so cannot speak to it, but I will highly recommend their whitefish salad, chopped liver and eggs, lox and onions.

        1. I'm just going to be on the UWS, so Katz is out. Looks like B Greengrass is dairy-- do they have good herring? What about Murray's for herring? Is Artie's the best pastrami on the UWS?

          Where is Sturgeon King? Not in google...

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            I think that Barny G advertises itself as the "Sturgeon King." I don't think Murray's has seating. I haven't eaten smoked fish in years so I can't speak to it but BG has always had the reputation for being tops for smoked fish. Back when I did eat such meals I very much enjoyed the scrambled eggs with nova at BG. Some find the decor a bit faded and old fashioned.

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              I recommend Barney Greengrass! It's been around for years and is still great. I can't speak for the pastrami, but the fish is great, and I also love the glass of borscht with sour cream.

              Murray's Sturgeon is very good too, but there is no place to sit. You could take out and have a picnic. Artie's is OK but I much prefer the other two places.

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              Barney Greengrass IS the sturgeon king, and it is not dairy. It serves pastrami and other meat sandwiches.

              Crazy to go to Barney Greengrass, which specializes in smoked fish and other appetizings, to eat a pastrami sandwich. If you're going to be on the UWS, eat what's good there.

              I've never eaten Artie's pastrami, just because I've never heard it suggested it's among the best in the city.

            3. I have never had a pastrami sandwich at Barney Greengrass and never expect to, but I find Artie's pastrami insipid and not really too worthwhile, whereas Greengrass has great lox, sturgeon, and whitefish! I love their scrambled eggs with lox for breakfast.