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Jun 28, 2012 04:51 PM

Baby/toddler-friendly non-chain restaurants?

Now that my baby seems to not want an early evening nap, I'd love to go out for some casual meals as a family. Suggestions on places we can go where the owners/other diners won't be stressed by the sight of an almost-1-year-old? I am still a bit anxious about dining out with him, so I'm looking for welcoming spots aside from Shakeys, Cheesecake, etc.

Mid-City area preferred. Many thanks!

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  1. When our kids were that age, we had a lot of dinners at Farmers Market. The toddlers could toddle within our sight, the strollers could fit at the table, the grownups could eat grownup food, and we could either bring our own or buy appropriate food for the kidlets. The noise level isn't too extreme, but at the same time, it tendsd to muffle any noise generated by tired tots. In summer there is live music some evenings as well.

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      Thanks. The Farmers Market is our default destination! Always a winner but on warm evenings the parking situation is more than I want to deal with, especially on big movie weekends. But it is the most family-friendly place imaginable, I agree.

    2. Mid-City?

      I see tons of kids (though not babies) at Robata-Jinya. Cooks County will more than tolerate a toddler. Golden State is family friendly when you're in need of a burger.

      The best of 'em all though, hands down, is the patio at Pitfire Artisan Pizza. That isht is BEBE CENTRAL before 7pm. And yes, you can double fist a toddler + craft beer without anyone batting an eyelash.

      Heading east towards K-town, you can do beer belly, which due to their CUP, must allow kids. Go early, and you may see toddlers running right through the middle of the dining room. And if K-town is considered "mid-town", then you can literally dine ANYWHERE in K-town: Beverly Soon Doo Bu, Kang Hodong Baekjeong, Bud Namu, Chicken Day, ad nausea.

      Otherwise, reference this mommy+restaurant blog combo for toddler dining restaurant tips:

      1. If you're willing to go to the SGV, almost all the Chinese restaurants would fit your requirements. They pretty much expect kids of all ages to be part of any party. And in some of those restaurants, there's enough ambient noise to drown out the noise of a screaming child.

        1. Most places really, if you go early. Farmer's Market is always easy. The kids particularly love Moishe's, Loteria, Magee's, and outside of it Golden State, Veggie Grill, Mozza.

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            Is Golden State really stroller-friendly? We have a young infant that we are trying to dine-out with... how busy would Golden State be at noon on a Sunday?