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Jun 28, 2012 04:30 PM

Petinos - anybody been?

I hear this West Island place advertised on CJAD all the time and am curious if they are just another of the ubiquitous Chez Cora, Eggspectations, Tutti Frutti breakfast restos, or if they stand out from the crowd?

I'm being treated to a lunch this weekend and have been asked to pick the resto. Since both I and the person treating me live on the WI, I'm not even going to consider anything out of the area (not even NDG) as I wouldn't feel right telling somebody who is allowing me to both pick the place and pick up the tab to drive across the island.

I know Petinos serves lunch, but their website menu doesn't list any offerings beyond the breakfast fare.

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  1. Petinos has become my go-to breakfast place. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal to go out for (right up there with dinner... and lunch). I have tried every place I could think of on the WI that would live up to how I felt for Mickey's back in the day.

    The staff is very friendly, welcoming, and courteous. The one time my dining partner had a small problem with her meal, it was quickly rectified by the staff, and a hot, new replacement plate was served in a very short time .

    The menu is vast, and everything I have tried has been extremely fresh and delicious. Portions are huge and the potatoes are actually very tasty (I am rarely a fan of breakfast potatoes).

    I realize you were asking more about their lunch fare, but if the quality of their breakfasts are this good, I can only assume the same will hold true for their lunch items. Besides, with such a variety of menu items, you are bound to find something that satisfies.

    And now... I am craving Petinos breakfast. I will most likely go tomorrow.

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      Thanks for the report. How does it compare to Dejeuner Cosmopolitain, which is my WI breakfast fave?

      And here's the Petinos site for those who don't know where it is, like I didn't. :-)

      1. re: kpzoo

        Hi kpzoo. I much prefer Petino's to Cosmopolitain. In terms of quality, I find the food fresher at Petinos... never a wilty piece of lettuce nor dried up fruit to be found. As for my issue with potatoes, I find Cosmopolitain's version very bland. The texture also does nothing for me... not mashed, not solid. In terms of service, I have found the service at Cosmpolitain very slow at times and quite impersonal. The staff at Petinos recognized me from my second visit and they always greet us with a welcome that feels sincere rather than obligatory. I like the humble welcome back type of feeling in a breakfast place.

        1. re: Andria

          I echo Andria's sentiments. I have had several breakfasts at Petino's & much prefer their breakfasts, including their potatoes. Dejeuner's quality seems to have gone downhill as their prices have increased. Petino's offers better value. It's also quite busy during prime breakfast/brunch hours on weekends.