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Jun 28, 2012 04:22 PM

Seeking Opinions...

Seeking thoughts on Vincent's - good, bad or otherwise. I know it is not the caliber of many of the discussed places on this board but wanting to know how it rates for what it is. Thank you!

Also any recent visits to Dick & Jenny's?

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  1. I have lived here for five years and I try really hard to go to new places but I always find myself craving Vincent's. You cannot beat the combination of cozy atmosphere, good service, and fantastic comfort food. I have never been disappointed at Vincent's.

    1. For a New Orleans "red gravy" place, Vincent's is perfectly fine. But you'd have a more interesting Italian meal at Domenica. Sorta apples and oranges comparison, depending on what you're looking for.

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      1. re: sanglier

        Good discription. I went to a dinner in Metairie about a year ago. The food was good but not good enough to rush back. But N.O. "red gravy", no matter where, has never been high on my dine out list.

        1. re: sanglier

          The food is good, not great.. I quit going b/c I end up spending nearly the same as I do at better restaurants. i now opt for the better meal.

        2. Love Vincent's on St. Charles Avenue. Great fried eggplant sticks and red gravy. Lots of good food. Making me hungry just thinking about it. If I am in the FQ and have this craving, I head toward Maximos.

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          1. re: TaTee

            I wanted to love Maximos but really, nothing I can't throw together with little effort at home.

            1. re: JazzyB

              Jazzy B, Have you been recently? I used to feel the way you do, but in the last year things have turned around. Think there is a new manager...whatever it is, I really enjoy the food and ambience. Great wait staff.

              1. re: TaTee

                I've not been recently. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to trying them again.