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Jun 28, 2012 04:18 PM

Taylor Ham/Pork Roll.... who sends it to California... CHEAP ???

Taylor Ham/Pork Roll.... who sends it to California... CHEAP ???

I know it's not a nutritious or dietary food.... but we love Taylor Ham (although SOME call it Pork Roll).

Living in Southern California, it's non-existent. :-((

When visiting our previous hometown of Fairless Hills, PA, I was able to purchase the VERY illusive 3lb loafs/logs at the Shop Rite (S. Oxford Valley Road)... and, the price was MUCH more reasonable than other grocery stores.

I'd purchase 5-6 loafs/logs and bring them home on the airplane. Yes, they were HEAVY !!!

We'd freeze them... and a couple of loafs/logs were just as tasty 2 years later !!!

The last time we visited, the local Walmart mentioned they were "discussing" carrying it with the manufacturer (Taylor Provisions).

So... where can one order the 3 pound Taylor Pork Roll logs and (after freezing for a day or two), ship them to Southern California (UPS) for a reasonable price?

Thanks for any help or information you can provide.

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  1. If you google 'taylor ham mail order' you'll be able to compare prices yourself.

    I know people who have used without any issues.

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      I'll check them out.

    2. Boars Head vendors typically carry the chubs....if there are BJ's on west coast they also carry a product about 3 pounds in weight.

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        Thanks for the info.

        Unfortunately, I could not find on the Boars Head website ( any indication that they offer to send their products to other states.

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          Usually the purveyor will stock this in addition to the Boars Head line of products. If you can find the vendor in your local, might have or be able to special order. good luck

      2. The original comment has been removed

          Have heard they ship and I know that their product is very good. They are in Allentown (NJ).