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Jun 28, 2012 04:11 PM

Grass fed meat in SFV


New to forum. Aside from Whole Foods, is there a place to get good grass fed meats in the SFV?

My Whole Foods in Woodland Hills seems to have a turnover problem, and although not frequent (3-4 years) I've had 3 bad pieces of meat and two bad pieces of seafood. I am now gunshy about getting meat or fish there.
Olives, cheeses, bread, etc., great. But not meat and fish.

I like bristol Farms for meat, but it's in Westlake, a drive, and their grass fed meat is limited.

Non grassfed i always go to Costco and it is always good.

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  1. This is an old thread that was brought back to life.

    I go with Novy Ranch beef.

    1. Its not grass fed, but Jim's Fallbrook Market has Harris Ranch Beef, as well as Diestel turkeys, and excellent seafood. Its on Fallbrook, just south of Oxnard. If they don't have what you want ask them. An added bonus is the barbecue in the parking lot on weekends.

      1. Saw some today at Sprouts in Granada Hills.

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          I started this thread and found some. Not in the SFV but Bristol Farms in Westlake. They have NY Waygu from New Zealand. I think Rib eye, too. the NYs are fantastic. Way better than Harris Beef, which is not grass fed, but do yourself a favor and taste them side by side. No comparison.

        2. Resurrecting this thread as I was shocked to find organic grass fed steaks at Millennium Ralphs of all places. That's the flagship store on Victory and Ventura. They carry USDA Prime in the butcher's case. Right below it was cryopacked organic grass fed NY strips for the same price as the Prime, 13.99/lb.

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            1. re: TailbackU

              I don't know the grade of the grass fed steaks. Its not on the package so they may only be selects. I'm dry-aging them and will report back on how good they are.

              1. re: ebethsdad

                I found grass fed, Waygu (sp?) New Zealand NY steaks at Bristol Farms in Westlake. Most likely at the other stores, too. Some of the best steaks i have ever had. had it next to a Harris ranch steak, and the Harris ranch steak was tasteless compared to the New Zealand NY grass fed. Bone NY about $17-$18. Boneless, more, I think $22, not sure. Bone in is great, though! Lotta flavor.

                1. re: ebethsdad

                  Prime for $13.99 is cheaper than Costco. Last time i bought prime steaks at costco, i paid $15.99

                  1. re: TailbackU

                    We are not talking prime. We are talking grass fed. There is no grass fed at Costco. Besides, since meat is rated by the FDA on fat content grass fed prime is an oxymoron.

                    1. re: dennis7490

                      "They carry USDA Prime in the butcher's case. Right below it was cryopacked organic grass fed NY strips for the same price as the Prime, 13.99/lb."

                      1. re: TailbackU

                        My apologies. I will check into it. Do try the Waygu new Zealand at Bristol Farms. Truly excellent meant. Grass fed.

              2. re: ebethsdad

                Ralphs on Victory and Ventura?
                ebethsdad, where is this store?

                1. re: selfportrait93

                  good questin! there was a Ralph's on Ventura nr Van Nuys(actually at Woodman?) but it was torn down last week and theyre starting on a bigger, better Ralph's. theres also still one at Van Nuys and Burbank...dont think its a "flagship" store...

                  1. re: lapizzamaven

                    Isn't there a Ralphs on Ventura between Hayvenhurst and Libbit in Encino?

                  2. re: selfportrait93


                    Its the flagship Ralphs. Opened in 2000, thus the "Millennium" name. They carry prime beef in the butcher's case, and have a good produce department. The grass fed beef was a surprise to me.

                    1. re: ebethsdad

                      Oh and the Prime was 13.99 a pound for NY strips. I was going to buy @ Jim's, mentioned above, but it was 27.00 a pound. Love the independent store, but can't afford it.

                      1. re: ebethsdad

                        I know this store's location. The "Victory" address just threw me off.
                        Anyway, thanks.

                        1. re: selfportrait93

                          Okay Went to Ralphs. the grass fed NY are pre-cut, sealed in plastic, about 3/4 lb per package at $14 per lb.
                          Much better than Harris beef, which I paid a lot more for and was pretty tasteless. Harris beef more tender, less flavor. And just drier.
                          The New zealand Waygu at Bristol Farms for about$17-18 bone in NY per lb blows Harris beef corn fed, and the Ralphs grass fed off the map. no comparison.

                          1. re: dennis7490

                            Okay. had the 2nd grass fed NY. Like leather. Not worth it in my book. don't eat grass fed, or pay the price for good stuff. No in-between.

                            1. re: dennis7490

                              You are so right. Shoe leather. I apologize to anyone who bought it. Dry-aging made it worse. It made it dry.

                  3. Harris Ranch beef IS grass fed for 80% of its life and finished on corn and grain. I do not know who originally said that it wasn't but that is incorrect. Sprouts carries it as does Jims near Encino and at Fields in West Hills . Green Acres Market in Simi carries excellent grass fed beef and has a daily BBQ of Tri Tip, ribs and chicken. I do not buy any thing other than grass fed. The texture and flavor are completely different.

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                    1. re: RealFoodIsReal

                      I think all beef is grass fed until about 9 months. then the rancher decides if he's going to "finish" them on grain, or keep them grass fed, 100%. Cows cannot digest grain for their entire lives. Once you begin feeding cows grain their omega 3 starts turning into omega 6 (the bad stuff). there are a number of articles on this all over the web. The whole point of a feed lot is to finish cattle on grain so they gain a lot of weight, and cattle are sold by the pound. The grain industry in this country is subsidized by the government. this started (I think) shortly after WWII. Corn is cheap, and cattle gain the weight quickly on corn. If they kept eating it they would die, as they cannot properly digest it. So, after a cow gains about 300 lbs on corn they are sold. 100% grass fed cattle are much lighter than grain finished cattle, so they don't bring as much on the market. Harris Ranch finishes their cattle on grain. They might do it a little better than others, but it is still grain finished cattle.

                      1. re: RealFoodIsReal

                        Ventura Meats Company sells grass-fed (finished) beef sourced/butchered locally Much of the grass fed found at Costco, etc. are mostly imported from New Zealand/Uruguay/Argentina.

                        Harris Ranch is just Harris Ranch.