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Jun 28, 2012 04:07 PM

Franks Pizza on New Bern Ave, Raleigh

Must preface by saying have not been on Chow in awhile, so sorry if this is a tired thread......
Looking for best pie in Raleigh area. (always prefered NY style}
Lilly's seems to always win Independent "Best of", but have had different experiences........Have enjoyed Silvio's pie's at J&S in Fuquay and Apex.......Anna's, or Annie's ok....NY has been very hit and miss for me.
Upon return to the area many have spoke highly about a place called Franks.....just looking for some takes recs........also looking for a killers cheesesteak.

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  1. I've had very bad experiences at Lilly's and no longer am willing to go there.

    I've found Capital Creations to be very good. It is delivery/take-out only. You can order unbaked pizza's too.

    The Point (5 points area) is inconsistent - totally depends on who's cooking. But when they are good they have been very good. I got tired of the crap shoot and haven't been there in some time.

    I tend to eat pizza close to home so haven't tried any outside of the beltline.

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      Capital Creations....tucked in off Wdae before beltline?

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        On Wake Forest Rd. quite close to Capital Blvd. It is in a plaza with a New Age bookstore.
        They have several specialty pizzas I really like - Pesky Chicken is one of them. Their website is acting up so I can't provide names of the other two.
        1842 Wake Forest Rd
        (inside the beltline)

    2. I've only been to Frank's a couple of times and got basic cheese or pepperoni when I was there. I thought it was pretty good. I know others that swear by it and do put it at the top of the local list. Not sure I'd say it's the best in Raleigh but hard to really offer up one that is clearly better. I do wish the atmosphere / location was a bit better. Service at Frank's was fine and friendly and it was ok on the inside but it's in a rundown shopping center without much traffic, at least at dinner when I was there. Things may be busier at lunch. It's cool in that it's good and out of the way but it's not the cheeriest or liveliest of spots to say the least.

      In any event, we tend to frequent Piccola Italia in Cameron Village. (At one time, I think there was a family connection between Piccola and Frank's--not sure if I have that correct or is still the case though.) I think their pies are very good. You won't think you're in NYC but we prefer those much more to Lilly's (bad crowded experience as well), Capital Creations, The Point (agree on the inconsistencies), etc. Others have recommended pies at Casa Carbone out on Glenwood past the mall in same shopping center as the Peddler but we haven't been there in awhile.

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        As to the cheesesteak, there is a place in Cary (swift creek shopping center) off of Jones Franklin just down from crossroads shopping center called Anvil's Cheesesteaks that has pretty good ones and I know gets recommended as being one of the tops in the area. I've only been a couple of times and thought they were good but still left me looking for better ones.

        This is not the traditional cheesesteak joint or really traditional cheesesteak I suppose but the best one I've had in the area was at Bu Ku--the sort of gourmet street food restaurant in downtown Raleigh. They are only available on the lunch menu I believe. The ones they had when the restaurant was first opened by William D'auvray were incredible. D'auvray has since moved on but the cheesesteaks are still very good. Not cheap but not as expensive as you might think based on the appearance and location.

      2. I have heard that Frank's is good, but I have yet to try it.

        I recommend Salvio's Pizza in Cary for NY style.

        Wish I had a recommendation for cheesesteaks

        1. Anvil's cheesesteaks in Cary Swift Creek Center really rocks! I lived my first 40 years in Philly and have had many a cheesesteak at Italian Market and other renowned places. Anvil's roll, while good, is not the same as you get in Philly and they don't have the cheese wiz (I prefer the provolone anyway), but they are tops in my book. Also, check out some Philly memorabilia. My husband is donating his Temple Univ. basketball shirt the next time we're there.

          For Pizza, I think Bella Monica on Edwards Mill Road in Raleigh is great. I lived in NY for 15 years and never found that the pizza lived up to Philly (or even California style) pizza. Bella Monica is garlicky, crispy thin crust, truly wonderful.

          1. A good pie to try is the one made at a little basement pizzeria in Glenwood South. I rolled my eyes at the name: Badabing's--but it was some of the best NY style pizza I've had in NC. The location makes it difficult to get to, and the times you might want good pie will probably coincide with the evening insanity that goes on at Glenwood South, but it's worth the trouble.
            FYI, I'm a big fan of J&S in Apex & Fuquay, if that gives you anything to gauge my taste by.