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Jun 28, 2012 04:03 PM

Leftover Roasted Cabbage--What Do I Do With It?

Thoughts on what to do with a mason jar's worth of leftover roasted cabbage? I like it plain (salt, pepper, olive oil) the first go-round, but lose interest in it when I see it taking up space in my fridge. This will likely be a continuing problem thanks to my CSA share.


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  1. Add it to a sandwich or wrap. Make coleslaw.

    1. Use it in making a good beef or chicken soup. Chop it up and warm it in a pan with some butter and add some caraway or dill seed. Use it to stuff pork chops.

      1. Next time, instead of roasting, you could try making some homemade (lacto-fermented) sauerkraut. Minimal ingredients (cabbage, salt, whey if available, other veggies/spices as desired), a little bit of hands-on (pounding the veggies), and a large glass jar or two. Sits on the counter for a few days then lives in your fridge for a few months.

        Or kimchi... similar parameters.

        I can find recipes if you're interested. :)

        1. warm it up, add a bit of hot pepper and eat it over pasta.

          1. Only one thing to do: Make Bubble and Squeak. Mom always made it with Christmas leftovers (substitute brussels sprouts for cabbage - better anyway)