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Jun 28, 2012 02:51 PM

Best peking duck in Chinatown Toronto?

House of Gourmet?
Asian Legend?

I'm looking for best price/quality ratio. Nothing too cheap, nothing too expensive. It must be in Chinatown Toronto and walking distance.

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  1. I had the Peking duck at Asian Legend once. It was terrible.

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    1. re: acd123

      Sorry to digress, but while I love Asian Legend, you have to know what to order there. I've had friends who have ordered the "wrong thing" and I was embarrassed to have so highly recommended it... Good to know though not to order the P Duck. I'm sticking with their great dim sum... moo shu, etc... As for Peking Duck, if you can find Greg Couillard on here he'd know...

      1. re: Moimoi

        Greg Couillard and Peking Duck??!! What's the connection?
        For Chinese cuisine downtown, I thought Susur Lee might make a better reference source??!!

    2. Why don't you choose one, and give it a try? E Pan and H of G are likely comparable and around the same price. Both are liked on this Board, if you do a search, and in the past 3 years, the Peking duck has been recommended at E Pan. That's why I mentioned it in the earlier Chinatown thread you started. Another poster recommends the House of Gourmet's Peking Duck in this recent thread

      Relatively few people recommend the Dundas St Asian Legend for anything, so I'd probably lean towards E Pan or H of G, which are well-liked by people who post on this Board. I've been to E Pan and thought the room was slightly more polished and modern than some of the other Board favourites in Chinatown.

      Nowhere in Chinatown is selling Peking Duck that's too expensive. Chinatown charges prices its market will bear, which is around $33 for 2 course Peking Duck right now.

      Take one for the team. :-)

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      1. re: prima

        I would pay $20 more and head to Lai Wah Heen. Better duck and better service will make up for the premium. However, rest of the meal will be much more expensive though! Tough call!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Have you had the Peking Duck at LWH recently, Charles? How does it compare to the better versions of PD up north? :-)

          1. re: prima

            Not recently! Last time was a few months ago! It was comparable to say Emperor.
            However, since I live up north, no point for me to make a long trip downtown and pay the $20 premium for similar product!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Easier and cheaper to park up north, too :-)
              Thanks, Charles. Have a great Canada Day weekend!

              1. re: prima

                LWH validates at the hotel's underground parking! Just don't drive an SUV, super claustrophobic down there. But I love their Peking Duck.

        2. How about Crown Princess on Bay? Close enough to Chinatown, better duck than E-Pan (and definitely better than Asian Legend) and less expensive than LWH. I think it was $40, if I remember correctly.

          1. While Lai Wah Heen is good (very Hong Kong) I think that Dynasty(in Yorkville) is better value for the money..and the second serving is i lettuce cups rther than buns.

            1. The original comment has been removed