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Jun 28, 2012 02:19 PM

Keriwa or bestellen? Or somewhere else to take a new yorker that takes reservations for this Saturday...

I know it's last minute but need some help. Looking for great food first (of course) but something that also has a buzzy vibe. My guests first time in Toronto and has one night. Any food type any price. Something that shows him what toronto has to offer.

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  1. Here are three to try ... you never know if they have had a cancelation.

    Enoteca Sociale
    Gusto 101 (takes reservations for 6:30 seating only)
    Yours Truly

    I really liked Keriwa but I wouldn't say it has a buzzy vibe.

    1. i wld add buca (impossible to get reservations on short notice but you never know) and the saint (great vibe, good food, and you can do a walk-in for the frontroom). If u go to Saint, have a bit of a pub crawl along ossington - Bellwood Brewery, Reposada, Sweaty Betty, etc...

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          thanks for the replies!
          foxley's doesn't take reservation....i like foxley but not 'special' or interesting enough.
          campagnolo or enoteca? not sure i want to take a new yorker for italian here.
          really really don't love buca (am i the only one??)
          and gusto falls into the no reservation (not eating at 6:30!), italian category.....
          hmmm.....right now i'm booked at bestellen....guess i'll keep it for now....the saint has time at 9 which is fine...are you suggestion the saint over bestellen??

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            I can't say between the saint and bestellen, haven't done either, but can definitely say NO to enoteca, campagnolgo much better. Foxley is very special, IMHO the fish is so good (the meats aren't).
            Good luck with your guest...its hard to gt the happening buzzy vibe with high quality food sometimes eh?

            1. re: nummanumma

              I havent been to bestellen, but I loved the Saint. I agree, Campagnolo is better then Enoteca. I haven't been to Foxley yet either.


        2. For my money, Keriwa is turning out some of the most creative flavour and texture combinations in the city. They do interesting, thoughtful food that is amazing. I've never found the atmosphere to be particularly buzzy, but the food will knock your socks off.

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            anyone have anything to say about acadia in the last month or whatever? i haven't been since the changeover but that's (was) a hell of a restaurant with an innovative menu, bestellen just seems like... a steak spot. nothing wrong with that but not really a progressive kinda joint you know?